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Fencing is an all-encompassing solution for privacy, security, and curb appeal that comes in a wide range of looks and functions. Before choosing styles and dimensions, one of the first decisions buyers will have to make is whether they’d like real wood or composite materials. 

Pros And Cons To Real Wood Fencing

It’s no secret that real wood like cedar and pine are some of the most popular when it comes to fencing solutions. This industry standard has long been loved by many and proven its durability and versatility time and time again. Nothing compares to the natural beauty of real wood, but it does come with a cost.

Some of the biggest concerns when working with real materials are general maintenance, repairs, and longevity. As with most natural materials, regular upkeep is necessary to ensure your products stay looking and performing like new for decades. It’s important to note that for those looking to build with natural materials, there will be significantly more work required to keep them in shape.

Another drawback for some can be that certain repairs may need to be made in order to keep the fencing functioning. If a board has signs of rot or has broken in a windstorm, it’s vital to replace these as soon as possible so as to not sacrifice the structural integrity of the fence. 

Great things take effort and time. Natural wood fencing may require more work up front, but the added labor will be well-worth the beauty and design appeal down the road. It’s no comparison in terms of stunning quality and classic looks when it comes to natural wood fencing materials.

Pros And Cons To Composite Fencing

For those looking to reap the rewards of a natural look without the hassle of regular upkeep, composite fencing materials are a great solution. Composite fencing materials come in a wide variety of dimensions, colors, and styles for buyers to personalize to their liking. While some opt for a natural look, others love to let their unique personalities shine.

One of our favorite and most popular composite fencing brands is Trex. This well-known manufacturer is revered for their line of decking products, so it makes sense why homeowners love their fencing products just as much. Trex offers a fencing solution that has been specifically tailored to withstand weather, be low maintenance, and resemble that of a natural fence. It’s an all-encompassing fencing product for those looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Composite fencing has many practical qualities that homeowners enjoy, but certainly lacks the natural beauty that raw wood provides. While many composite fencing materials look semi-natural from afar, nothing comes close to true, genuine wood. 

Another downside for some could also be the lack of natural weathering over time. While wood products will age gracefully when cared for properly, composite materials may get grey in coloring and less natural looking over time. Ensuring your structures are away from trees and other environmental factors that may have an impact on them can go a long way to preserve its look and function for decades to come.

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