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Lots of people get great satisfaction from re-purposing the old to give it a new life. Read this blog to get tips and tricks for re-purposing split rail fence if you are tearing down an existing fence!

Re-purposing Split Rail Fence: Sign Post

You can use old split rail fence posts or rails as a sign post in your yard or garden. Many of us like to put plaques with witty saying in our gardens. Using dismantled split rail fence is a fun way to do that besides using an ordinary manufactured stake.

You can attach the sign or plaque with wood glue or by drilling in screws.

Re-purposing Split Rail Fence: Deer Fencing

If your property is constantly in need of deer fencing, you are probably really tired of looking at it! Building a unique deer fence with old split rail fence can give it a whole new look. It is so custom looking that many will do a double take when passing it by.

Deer fence built with torn down split rail fence is a decorative way of protecting gardens and young trees. You can just use the split rail fence posts for both the upright and cross pieces or mix in some rails. Since it does not have to be exact the recycled split rail fence works great!

Re-purposing Split Rail Fence: Kindling Holder

Although you can purchase kindling holders making one is quite easy. The split rail fence posts and rails can be cut to create the holder you desire.

Not only will it be able to withstand the weight of the kindling the split rail fence posts and rails are resistant to the outdoors making it sturdy and long lasting.

Re-purposing Split Rail Fence: Kindling

If you do not necessarily have any projects on your agenda, you can always use exhausted split rail fence as kindling. Once it is dried out it is good to go.

This is a safe and easy way to discard old split rail fence so that you do not have to leave it lying around or haul it away.

Re-purposing Split Rail Fence: Pergolas and Arbors

A lot of people are very fond of pergolas and arbors. However, there is not a huge selection if you are going to purchase one that is premade. If you want a pergola or arbor in your yard, garden, or gateway building your own with recycled fence will really bring some character to your yard. Because most split rail fence is very rustic looking it really adds a unique look when fashioned as a pergola or arbor. You can use just posts or rails or you can mix them up for a really interesting look.

Re-purposing Split Rail Fence: Planters

If you have access to thicker split rail fence posts, you can hollow them out on one end to set a pot in it filled with flowers.

These planters made with split rail fence posts can be used all around your yard and on your deck and patios too.

Recycling split rail fence can be satisfying and is great for the environment. The internet is full of photos of each of the projects above so that you can get some additional ideas and tips for using your dismantled split rail fence.