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If you are installing a deck in the future, are starting the planning process, or even are in the middle of installation, you are probably overwhelmed with the process. We know it can be a lot to handle and take in especially if you have never gone through the process before. Between budgeting, HOAs, materials, suppliers, labor, and then installation, it’s a lot of moving parts and things can get forgotten easily. When you look at inspiration pictures of decks you see how beautiful and complete it looks, you don’t think about all the small details. You need to think about the deck itself, the railing, the post caps, fasteners, framing, and lattice to cover the underneath. All these things and more are components that go into making a deck look like your inspiration picture.

Think about how incomplete your deck might look without a railing, this is probably one of the most important aspects of completing your deck. Here at RMFP, we offer multiple different styles of railing from different brands that offer glass styles, aluminum, metal, and cable railing. Here is a little bit of insight into the brands we carry and their types of railing. Hopefully, by the end of reading this, you feel prepared and know which type is for you.

Fortress Railing Products

Fortress, as many probably know, is a well-known building materials company, as are many of the brands we carry. With most of the decking brands we carry, we also carry the matching railing so you can stick with one brand and they will flow better together. Fortress offers cable, aluminum, iron, and glass railing options which allow you to find exactly what you want and need. All their lines are high quality, strong, durable, versatile, and look amazing with any deck.

Trex Railing

Trex is another one like Fortress, we also carry their decking so you can stick with the same company and find a railing that pairs well with your deck. Their railing is only metal but comes in three different collections, each of which has the specific characteristics that set them aside from each other like sizes and colors. They also offer balusters, post caps, and posts that can be mixed and matched for added effect.

Fiberon Railing

Fiberon railing is a composite railing system that is extremely low maintenance and affordable. It is offered in several different colors and finishes that make it easy to find what you want and need. They also offer a couple of different height options and post and end caps to give your railing a completed look.

TimberTech and Envision

TimberTech has two different lines of railing that we stock here at RMFP and are both beautiful with no need for paint, sealer or stain. Their main line of decking is mainly metal and comes in a few different lines of railing that comes in a few different colors and styles so you can make your railing your design. Their Envision line is focused on changing up the colors of the railing to more unique colors, while still being metal with multiple different collections of styles and railing designs.

Green Bay Railing

Lastly, we have Green Bay Railing which is offered in two styles, glass, and metal. Both of their railing lines are covered by a 25-year warranty, come in several different styles, and are unique in colors that are natural while still being vibrant and sophisticated. Their railing lines are affordable and easy to install which takes added stress off the labor process.

At the end of the day, your deck isn’t complete without some kind of a railing system. A railing adds security, style, and safety to your deck while also adding value to your home and your deck. We offer these different brands, so you are sure to find your ideal railing for your dream deck. These brands also sell lines of decking, as we mentioned, and most of them have decking lines and railing lines connected to look great together. Come visit our showroom and take a look at our mock deck builds to get the full effect of how they look and feel and talk to a decking specialist today!