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As a contractor using a Denver lumber company, your livelihood rests on a strong customers base which is a result of the service you provide. There are a few steadfast ways that reputable contractors use on a regular basis to ensure both.

Denver Lumber Company

  1.  Always give potential customers quick estimates. Most likely if someone has contacted you about a project you are not the only one. Homeowners shop the competition and will go with the contractor that gets back with them the soonest and promises a quick delivery. Most of the widely used contractors recommend providing a complete estimate within 24 hours. If you’re stuck trying to figure out what you need to make your project happen, don’t hesitate to contact a Denver lumber company- such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products. Our friendly sales staff is happy to help you provide the most competitive quote with upfront pricing and industry knowledge.
  2. Ask your customers how they want to communicate during their project. This is a personal preference of your customer and can be one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to service. Asking your customer outright how they would like to communicate immediately shows them that you are attune to their needs and will continue to do so throughout your relationship. This can also apply to how you would like to communicate with your Denver lumber company. We are here for you- whether it’s by phone, email, or even after-hours support on Facebook!
  3. Stay in touch with your customers. A lasting customer base is dependent upon return customer and referrals. In between projects keep your name in front of past customers with newsletters, emails, and notifications of new or changing services. As a leading Denver lumber company, we are also committed to staying in touch with you, our contractors. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as subscribed to our exclusive monthly email blasts!
  4. Offer a satisfaction guarantee and/or warranties on your work. This simple gesture lets customers know that you stand by your work and will consistently deliver quality results. This commitment to your customers speaks volumes about your credibility and reputation in your community. We also hope to communicate our commitment to quality to all of our contractors. Talk with your sales rep about our return policy should you need to bring in or swap out any materials.
  5. Immediately acknowledge any issues that come up during a project. If a customer has a legitimate complaint or use sense that something seems “off”, act fact. Talking to your customer about any of their concerns (whether you agree or not) is part of providing stellar customer service. Collaborate to find a solution to keep the job moving in the right direction.

denver lumber company

As a contractor, you are competing for customer dollars and customer loyalty. Remarkable customer service is the key to both. If you utilize these tips it will reap huge reward with little to no cost to you. Whether you are building a small privacy fence, installing cedar siding, or putting in an expansive cedar deck, these tips can help you build your business no matter the size of the project. Give your Denver lumber company a call for a bid on your next project!