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When it comes to protecting your home, you want to feel safe and secure. You don’t want to walk on eggshells in hopes that your home is secure enough to fight off intruders. Especially with a family, you want to rest assured that you are all safe and have nothing to worry about and look out for. By adding a fence and a deck to your home, you add extra security on top of your locked doors/windows and security systems to give yourself an extra blanket of safety. Along with giving your home style attributes, it will make your home feel more like a home.


With your fencing, especially with privacy fencing, you instantly feel safer and have more privacy. A fence is built a lot of times for the curb appeal and some homeowners won’t realize the amount of security fence can give you. Your fence keeps your kids and pets safe from intruders by shielding them from the outside in a sense as well, to make sure they don’t run off without you knowing. Certain fences can keep your kiddos and pets safe from fire pits, hot tubs, and pools to keep them from accidently falling in and seriously injuring themselves.

Privacy is not something to mess around with. You never know who your neighbors really are and sometimes your neighbors aren’t even the issue, random stragglers and nosy friends and family are no fun either. With a privacy fence, you can completely shut out anyone who is trying to spy or see into your home. Nobody likes that feeling at night of someone watching them; whether it’s a creepy thought or reality- a fence can eliminate this. There are different kinds of fencing, some with more privacy than others and it just depends on your needs and wants. If you aren’t so worried about neighbors or if  you don’t have any close ones but you just want to add a barrier to separate your land from other land, maybe a split rail fence is better. It all depends on your wants. If you are unsure about what type of fence would be best for you, ask a trusted friend or family member what their opinion is. You can also ask your contractor or supplier for their thoughts and they can help you pick the right style.


Adding a deck can give you a sense of security by having a secured place for get togethers and nights spent with the family. A deck may not give you a great sense of privacy and protection, but it does allow for your friends, family, and kids to be right outside the door inside to enjoy the outdoors. There are things to consider when installing a deck to make sure it is safe for everyone to be on such as adding railings to protect your kids and pets from falling. Anti-slip pads on certain boards and steps to avoid slipping on ice in the winter are a great idea. Gates in front of openings and stairways are a good option too. Last but not least, make sure the actual deck boards are secure and won’t malfunction, causing injury. A deck can be a great way to make soaking up the sun or watching the stars much safer and more convenient. Top that with the extra privacy of having a fence, you won’t have to worry about unwanted visitors at all.

Things To Consider

Especially if you are a home with little children, an elderly family and small animals you may want to do a walk through of your outdoor space and make sure you account for all the areas that need to be secured along with the addition of your fence. Like we mentioned before, you want to make sure that if you have a pool or hot tub you make sure they are either secluded or fenced off so your little kids and pets especially can’t access them and fall in. If you have a fire pit, make sure there is a barrier around it or a cover that closes off access to your littles ones also. The last thing to consider, which most people can forget, is that your tool shed or storage sheds are locked. You also want to make sure when installing your fence gate, the handles are at a height where children can’t reach it.

Of course based on your home’s specific needs, you may need to account for particular aspects of your privacy and security. The main goal is to make sure your space is safe for your family and leaves you rest assured that your home is safe.