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Reclaimed wood is an up and coming product that can embellish a room or exterior with warmth and history. Many notable designers in Denver have started using reclaimed wood when re-designing existing homes and they are also recommending it to architects for new builds. Because of its overwhelming aesthetic qualities and sustainability, reclaimed wood is receiving a lot of recognition.

Every mark, scratch, and scar tell a story of the wood’s past life. It is this antiquity that makes reclaimed wood more unique than its appearance. Reclaimed wood is deconstructed product from old buildings that are centuries old. Today, designers are using reclaimed wood for many home interior projects. Because of its varying textures and colors, it is a perfect material for adding accent and character to any room.

Although reclaimed wood is robust and rustic, designers are finding a unique balance of melding new and old by adding it into modern minimalistic design styles. When partnered up with the smooth sleek surface of stainless steel or granite, reclaimed wood blends in and gives dimension.

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Desirable Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed beams add can an “exposed” element to any room in your home. They are used “as is” and can be installed in vaulted or flat ceilings.

Decking, Planking, and Reclaimed Siding

When using reclaimed wood in this capacity you can leave the original tattered edges, or it can be planned down to a smoother edge. 

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood harvested for flooring may have been flooring back in the day. Or it can be cut from structural components of an old building to be used as flooring. Reclaimed wood used for flooring can also be semi or completely surfaced depending on how rustic you want it to look.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

It is quite difficult to distress newly manufactured wood if you are trying to build furniture with a rustic look. Using reclaimed wood for furniture is an innovative choice, because it can accompany any existing furniture that you currently have.

Reclaimed Wood Decorative Walls

If you are looking for ways to spice up a room and give it some character, considering using reclaimed wood on one wall. This will provide some much-needed contrast if the walls of the room are primarily plain. By only putting the reclaimed wood on one wall, it will keep the room bright because dark walls absorb a lot of light.

Fireplace Mantles using Reclaimed Wood

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room. There is nothing more stunning than a beautiful mantle over it. Because of its durability, reclaimed wood is a great choice. It can compliment or contrast any other material that is surrounding the insert (i.e. tile, stone, or granite).

Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

Designers are also recommending the use of reclaimed wood to build sliding barn doors in homes, instead of using traditional doors. This is a popular look that is also sweeping across armoires and free-standing cabinets.

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Biophillic Design using Reclaimed Wood 

Modern day interior designers are practicing elements of Biophillic Design. The International Living Future Institute (2018), explains that Biophillic Design Hypothesis states that humans have a strong innate desire to be connected with nature. This design style is accomplished by reflecting the natural world in constructed environments. New research is showing that Biophillic Design has an impact on health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and calming anxiety (International Living Future Institute, 2018).

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