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If you are considering building a new deck you know that this can be a stressful and daunting project. The biggest barrier is often timing your budget. A lot of homeowners consider using pressure treated decking because it is budget friendly and is doused in rot and insect resistant chemicals to prolong its life. There is some speculation however on whether this is a good idea.

RMFP’s Deck Superstore which serves contractors and homeowners in the Denver area strongly feels that this is not the way to go!

Here are three reasons that our Deck Superstore thinks should deter you from making this common mistake:

Pressure Treated Decking: Moisture

Most local lumberyards like this Deck Superstore have pressure treated decking available. Just like the pressure treated decking that these Deck Superstore keep in their inventory, it is extremely wet and heavy. The chemical process that pressure treated decking goes through soaks that lumber to its core.

Some lumberyards recommend letting your pressure treated decking dry out before using it. RMFP’s Deck Superstore says that this will not solve all of your problems.

Pressure Treated Decking Twists, Warps, and Shrinks

Our Deck Superstore wants consumers to be aware that during the drying out process the pressure treated decking will twist, warp, and begin to shrink. This can make most if not all of your lumber useless for building a deck.

And if you install them before this occurs RMFP’s Deck Superstore says that you will be left with decking that is not straight with screws popping out.

Pressure Treated Decking Splinters and Cracks

Twisting, warping, and shrinking will also cause your pressure treated lumber to crack and splinter according to our Wheat Ridge Deck Superstore. This means that you will not have a smooth surface on your deck making it dangerous to walk on.

  • Our Deck Superstore also wants homeowners to know that getting a finished look on the surface of your deck will be virtually impossible with pressure treated lumber. We say this is because pressure treated lumber is pre-colored but inconsistently. This means that the surface of your deck is will look unfinished.

Many people make the mistake of painting their pressure treated deck which will only make more work for you. The paint will eventually chip and peel.

Our Deck Superstore Specialists also do not recommend painting pressure treated lumber because it acts as a seal and keeps any moisture from escaping causing rot.

For these reasons alone, you should research other deck material options. RMFP’s Deck Superstore encourages every consumer to learn about all of the choices they have before making a final decision.