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It is time to begin preparing your garage, because spring cleaning is upon us once again! This means that it is also time to tackle one of the most dreaded spaces in your home – the garage!

Because your garage is one of the epicenters of your home it usually shows! When you really take a look at all the stuff you store in your garage it is a wonder that it all fits. Tools, bikes, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, shovels, rakes, brooms…it never ends.

Despite the fact that this is probably one of your least favorite chores, you will definitely appreciate a clean garage once Spring arrives.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products has some tips to help you get and stay organized!

When Preparing Your Garage For Spring, Take The Time To Organize

As you clean and sort through all of that garage bound belongings, organize them. Without organization and proper storage these miscellaneous items will not stay in their place. This is the key to a functional garage.

If you do not already have cabinetry in your garage considering installing some. Not only will it provide storage, it is much more visually appealing that open shelving stuffed to the brim.

The big box stores have inventory of discounted cabinetry that is leftover from ordering mistakes or that is slightly damaged.

Cabinetry is also easy to find on the for-sale sights as well.

Looking For Storage Space When Preparing Your Garage? Look Up!

Overhead space is often overlooked and is a great place to put some of the larger items that you do not need on a regular basis.

Use rafters that are already there by placing sheets of plywood over them to create shelf like storage. You can easily install some if there are none.

Add hooks and other hanging hardware as well to open up the floor of your garage.

Why You Should Take Your Time When Preparing Your Garage

If you have not tackled organizing your garage before and have quite a job on your hands, do it in stages. This can be an overwhelming and boring job so don’t feel like you have to get it all done at once.

Come up with a plan and break it up into areas. This is much easier to manage.

If you have extra outdoor space, consider taking everything out and start from scratch. Often times you will find that this opens up the creativity process.

When Preparing Your Garage, Utilize Walls and Vertical Space

One advantage to organizing the garage is that you can use up all of the wall space from top to bottom unlike the interior of your home.

By installing low hanging hooks and wire racks you can easily get things like brooms, mops, and shovels off of the floor.

The same hardware can be used for lawn fertilizers, sleds, and other odd items that quickly take up floor space.

Once you take the time to complete a garage overhaul you will find that each season you will only need to do some spot cleaning instead of the whole thing. This will make it less daunting and will encourage you and other family members take the time to put things away instead of just throwing them on the ground and walking away!