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Whether you’re building a stable or winterizing your exiting, we can help.

If you own horses, your likely already preparing your barn/ stable(s) for winter. Protecting them from the elements is one of your top priorities, after all. As you know, horses adapt well to weather changes and drops in temperature, even when the temperature reaches the single digits. But a shelter is still necessary, and it’s important that this shelter is built appropriately.

The shelter

An airtight barn without proper ventilation will lead to respiratory problems for horses, but a barn with too many drafts will lead to horses that are uncomfortable and even distressed. So the structure needs to balanced between the two.

A run-in shelter is best for pastured horses that might need a quick place to run to when the weather suddenly becomes rough, which happens here in Colorado.

But no matter which structure you’re repairing or building for your horses this winter- make sure the structure is large, deep, and well ventilated with the open side facing the direction that gets the least wind. For the Denver area that means away from the mountains.


Getting ready for winter

Before the harsh weather of winter hits us full on, check your barn/ stables/ run-in shelter- and make sure that there are no loose boards, and that all loose nails are fitted in tightly. Also, make sure all of the kickboards are still in-tact. If your kickboards are not in-tact then they should be replaced altogether. This is because trying to patch a kickboard will only weaken the whole panel, and because they are hard to disinfect when they are damaged-both of these factors can be harmful to any horse.

Fall is also a great time to check your fencing. Make sure your posts are secured, and that your split rail is in tact. But also check for chewing (both in your fencing and your barn). Horses are known to chew their stalls and fences for three reasons: boredom, nutrition deficiency, and habit. It’s not good for them, and can damage their teeth horribly, but it also damages the stalls, of course. It’s important to keep these well maintained, and checking for damage annually is a great idea.

horse stable

How we can help

While we are not experts in all things equestrian, we are experts in lumber. Throughout the 43 years in business we have helped countless homeowners and businesses with maintaining properties, and with building them from the ground up.

Finding exactly what you need for such projects can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look. We’ve developed relationships with mills around the world, and import materials from them directly to sell to the public. It is because of this that we are able to find absolutely anything our customers need- from timbers, to decking, split rail, and siding- we cover it all, at the best price possible.

If you’ve inspected your stable and fence, and need to make a few repairs, or are looking to build a new run-in shelter, etc… give us a call at: 866-534-2108. Or you can visit our yard during business hours, no appointment needed.