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During quarantine, many of us are stuck at home with little to nothing to do and are bored beyond measure. We get that being stuck at home isn’t the most ideal situation and anything you can do to keep yourself busy, you’re doing. From cleaning out your closet, finding things to donate, getting as much work done as possible without going crazy, and binge-watching your favorite tv show you doing anything and everything. 

Well, let us help you a little and give you some projects you can do while in quarantine. When it comes to your home, there is more than enough stuff to do to keep you busy and keep your home looking like new. 

Planting and Gardening

Adding greenery and flowers to your home can instantly make your home look and feel fresh and healthy; which is very important during this time. You can do anything you can to keep your house lively and happy because you’re stuck in it and can easily feel dragged down. Add some plants to the outside of your home as well as the inside! 

Build a Garden

A huge concern during all of this is the food supply and the availability of food in certain areas. Stores are empty and are awaiting shipments leaving people scrounging for food and wondering when we will see the shelves full again. Build a garden in your backyard or on your patio and start growing some fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This way you can keep your supply up, have some fresh crops and you don’t even have to leave your house. Obviously, by the time some of these items grow, this epidemic will have passed, but it will keep you busy during the time you’re stuck at home. Another option is to buy pre-grown fruits and veggies and continue to garden them! 


Remodel or renovate an area in your home that you feel needs a little TLC. Take the time and dedicate it to renovating your bedroom by adding some new décor and new bedding, renovate your kitchen by redoing the backsplash or painting your cabinetry, or replace the flooring in your living room to make your home feel like new. There are endless things you can do to improve your home! 

Take on Some New Hobbies

Another great thing to do during quarantine is taken on some new hobbies that you have been wanting to challenge yourself with. You could paint, draw, sew, craft, start a small business, workout, and so on. Anything you have been wanting to do but has used the excuse of I am too busy, or you’re scared to do you can do it now with a little push and a step out of your comfort zone. 

Take This Time To Learn

Take some time and educate yourself with an online class, watch videos, read, and research. Take the time to learn a new skill, start something new, go back to school and continue your education, or whatever else gets your brain going. This is the perfect time to do it and you have nothing holding you back. 


Cooking is not only fun, but it is also therapeutic and can help pass the time. Find some recipes that you have been wanting to try out and cook away! Try that new filet mignon or bake those cupcakes you’ve been wanting to try. Get outside your comfort zone and try something you have never done before. 

During quarantine, time can go by super slow, your stress levels will rise, and your anxiety will heighten. Take a minute every day to take a deep breath and relax, remembering that everything is okay and will come together. Do as much of your favorite things as possible and make sure you can get outside and get some fresh air. We hope this helped give you some ideas about what you can do during quarantine and we hope you stay happy, safe, and healthy!