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Having pride in your home is one of the benefits of ownership. There are many components that go into making a beautiful home and installing your Trex deck is one of them!

Not only is a Trex deck a substantial investment it will be one of the most important decisions you make because it can last decades.

Planning and installing your Trex Deck can be very daunting and somewhat overwhelming. It is highly unlikely that you will go through the process without a hitch.

Because of the depth of detail and length of time that it takes to build a Trex deck start to finish there are a few things that you might overlook!

Things to Think About when Installing Your Trex Deck


Applying for a building permit for your Trex deck is one of the most commonly missed items on the checklist. Many homeowners fail to think that a permit is required because it seems that your backyard is your domain.

However, because your deck is an extension of your home and attached to it you MUST get a building permit. The requirements for your Trex deck will vary from state to state and town to town but it is required.

If you decide to ignore this rule you may be greeted at your door by a local inspector looking for such violations. They can implement harsh fines and if your Trex deck violates any building codes you may be forced to take it down.

Buried Cable

Before you install the frame of your Trex deck you need to your local utility companies to mark buried cables. Most homeowners think of doing this when it comes to installing a fence but then same is true for your Trex deck as well.

By failing to do so you can hit utility lines, electrical lines, and gas lines causing danger to you and your neighbors. Plan to do this weeks before the installation of your Trex deck so that you can keep on schedule.

Poor Deck Design

It is important that you completely plan your Trex deck out of paper before any execution starts. Not only will this solidify the size and shape of your Trex deck it will ensure that you can fit it into the space you have available.

Another component of planning out your Trex deck is to take the topographical characteristics of your yard into consideration. If you have slopes, hills, and other oddities installing the frame of your deck will take careful consideration.

By simply getting these few things in mind you can greatly reduce any mistakes when installing your Trex deck. This will prevent you from spending additional time and money!

Contact Rocky Mountain Forest Products if you would like to use Trex Decking on your next project! Whether you are looking for pricing, or general questions, our experienced staff would be happy to help out in any way you need!