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Nothing beats relaxing on a summer day underneath a beautiful pergola. For those hoping to upgrade these structures and take their outdoor spaces to the next level, there are so many opportunities. Whether you want to add visual appeal or functionality to your pergola, there is endless inspiration out there.

Add Some Plants

One the easiest ways to add some life and natural beauty to a pergola is by adding plants. Plants will add color and a sense of calm for all to enjoy for years to come. Whether you’d like to plant them yourself or install an already-fully-grown plant, it is a great addition all-around. 

Not to mention, adding floral life to your structures is a fun way to engage with your natural surroundings. Getting the kids involved or establishing a new watering routine can be fun for everyone!

Enjoy Nightlife With Lighting Features

Nothing is better than relaxing on a summer night outside. Every pergola needs some light features, especially in the warmer months! Whether you’d like to install spotlights, string lights, or even pendant lamps, there are so many different opportunities to make your pergola shine.

Especially for those who hope to put dining tables or seating areas beneath their pergolas, lights are absolutely essential. You can even hang the lights from the house to the pergola to create larger space and more cohesive flow. Make a statement with your outdoor structures. Add some lights and accentuate your personality at all hours of the day.

Need Some Shade?

Pergolas can sometimes get a bad rap in terms of sun exposure. Many of these structures are built with slats as a roof to allow light to flow in. However, the downside of this can be a lack of shade. A quick fix for this problem is curtains.

Although curtains don’t cover the roof of a pergola (unless in a canopy style), the shade from the sides of the structure will help tremendously. Not to mention, this addition comes in handy when privacy is needed.

Try This Custom Pergola Feature

For those who are still considering a pergola build or for those looking to upgrade their existing structure, there are some cool options out there. One popular pergola design currently that solves the shade issue is automatic (or manual) roof slats. The slats will rotate to form a closed roof or rotate to open and let light in.

This is a great feature for anyone living in unpredictable environments or who prefer less sun when relaxing. It’s a simple solution that stays looking great and functioning properly for decades.

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