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Pergolas are one of the most popular additions for functional beauty in an outdoor space of a home. But did you know that there are so many awesome features that they can provide for your yard? Whether you’re looking to add some aesthetic appeal or need more functionality out of your pergola, we’re here to help!


With cooler weather around the corner, now is a great time to implement additions to help you enjoy your yard amidst the cold. Curtains are a great addition to pergolas to lock in warmth and protect you from any wind. Not to mention, they also look great whether open or closed.

Curtains can easily be customized to the existing designs to seamlessly blend into your outdoor space. They can also be removed once summer rolls around and they are no longer needed, or if severe weather is on its way. These are a simple solution to add lots of value and appeal to your yard.

Outdoor Lights

It’s no secret that outdoor lights are the holy grail when it comes to design and curb appeal of a yard. And adding them to pergolas is no exception! Outdoor lights can completely transform an outdoor space into an oasis to be enjoyed year round. 

Easily string lights through the gaps of a pergola, hang them delicately over areas in need of more light, or spiral them up the pergola posts for a classic look. Outdoor lights are a timeless design that have the obvious functional value of light that you need and aesthetic value you love.

Plants And Flowers

Another great way to add some beauty to your pergola is with plant life. Plants are an age-old addition for any outdoor structure, as they continue to stun with their natural beauty. Although this addition can require more upkeep than others, it certainly pays off with the beauty it provides for years.

Not to mention, maintaining plants and flowers is a great pastime. For those looking for additional hobbies or who love to do yard work, this is a perfect addition for a pergola. Be sure to research which plants survive best in your area to ensure yours will thrive on your property.

Weather-Resistant Furniture

If you haven’t added some already, outdoor furniture is the perfect addition for underneath a pergola. In fact, it’s one of the many reasons homeowners install pergolas in the first place! Furniture that is weather resistant (or that can be covered up) is a great feature to enjoy your outdoor space.

A simple dining table or couched area is perfect for making use of the space. Relax outdoors in your newfound oasis, and enjoy all that your pergola has to offer.

Seal Your Overhang

With winter not too far away, there are a few measures pergola owners like to put in place prior to cold weather. One of the biggest is sealing the roof of a pergola (if your build allows for it). Sealing the top pergola boards stops unwanted weather like snow from falling onto your furniture or other items beneath a pergola. You can also drape something over it (similar to a curtain) to yield off any harsh weather.

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