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We got in touch with Carl Hedberg of Perfection Deck & PDP Construction (PD) to interview him as one of our trusted contractors and boy, did he have some jokes to tell. He bragged that he would be turning “16” this year, because people are allowed to invert their ages after a certain point. Carl and his crew service the Colorado Springs area and he has been licensed in El Paso County for 26 years! Perfection Deck & PDP Construction offer Colorado Springs decking and patios, basements, additions & kitchen and bath remodels. We wanted to know how a business like Carl’s remains successful after so many years and this is what transpired.

Colorado Springs Decking

RMFP: So Carl, tell us how you got started in the construction industry.

PD: Well, I’ve been in business since 1985 and have been licensed in El Paso County for 26 years. I started out only doing decks and then moved into other types of construction. Ten years into my career, I got into doing basements and free standing garages. I really wanted to build homes though- so about 15 years ago I got my C License to build custom homes and room additions. I stay busy during the Spring and Fall with deck builds and fill our schedule with custom homes and room additions during the winter. Much better than plowing snow.

RMFP: That’s amazing! So what specific services do you offer your clients currently?

PD: Too many services to count. Decks & patiosunique designer angle-back benches & planter boxes, pergolas, awnings & covers, powder coated railings and fencing (vinyl & wood). Room additions & basements- porches & fireplaces, molding, trim & finish work, interior & exterior doors, ​landscapes & garden, retaining walls, stamped & colored concrete. Kitchen & bath- cabinets & counter tops, showers & tubs and grout & tile work. Just to name a few.

RMFP: Wow, you weren’t joking about offering a wide array of services! So how many employees do you have working for you to provide so many services?

PD: There are three employees including myself. I founded the company and my brother-in-law Mark King helps keep jobs rolling and is a huge asset to our company. Dave Schumate is also an integral part of Perfection Deck & PDP Construction. I’ve known Dave since 1985, where we met at Pikes Peak Community College when we studying to become architects.

RMFP: Sounds like a great group of guys. What is your average turnaround time on a project?

PD: You can expect about 2-3 weeks for a deck project and anywhere around 6 weeks for a basement project. Of course there are smaller projects that take less time, just depends on the scope of work.

RMFP: What type of clients do you typically work with?

PD: Our business in 99% residential. We do have some clients that also own commercial properties, but overall we stick with residential projects.

RMFP: What would you say makes your business unique and provides a positive experience for your clients?

PD: Our sense of humor towards life sets us apart. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, because you just have to laugh at life sometimes. We do the best job we possibly can and we treat people with respect. We are honest and run our business with integrity. We hate seeing people in our community being scammed by other contractors and oftentimes, we go in after those contractors to clean up their mess. I’m also proud that we have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as an unaccredited member.

RMFP: What are you excited about right now that’s happening in your industry?

PD: I’m really excited about the new decking line released by Fortress Decking. 2018 is going to be the year where we really see an increase in the use of light gate steel framing. A lot of people are coming up on 20 years of having their decks and are disappointed that it hasn’t lasted the way they hoped it would. We see that a lot of people are using treated pine products on their projects and it not holding up against the elements in Colorado. We’ve been buying materials from Rocky Mountain Forest Products for 16 years and are excited about the new lines of composite decking that are coming out through you guys.

Composite Decking Colorado Springs

RMFP: What goals do you have for your business?

PD: We want to continue treating people with respect and providing a great product that will last forever. We currently do about 10-12 decks per year and would love to see that number increase. We would love to double our business, as would everybody!

If you are looking for an experienced and approachable Colorado Springs decking contractor and overall construction expert, give Perfection Deck & PDP Construction a call at 719.232.8848, shoot them an email, visit their website or follow them on Facebook!

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