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When it comes to running a business, whether this is your first rodeo or your last, there are a million and one things you must focus on at one time. From maintaining inventory, shipments, materials, administrative duties, and keeping your employees happy- you can easily become overwhelmed and stressed. Especially in the trades industry, you find that your employees need certain knowledge, education, skills, and accommodations to keep them working well and keep them happy. Recently we read an article from Entrepreneur.com and were inspired on the things companies should be doing with the end goal of keeping their contractors happy and locked in to the job at hand.

Many business owners put minimal thought into their contractors and the overall well being of them, which in turn can substantially hurt a company. There is not one job in the trades that isn’t vigorous and exhausting, which is why it is important to keep your workers happy so they can stay focused and motivated. Let’s talk about a few simple ways on how companies can keep contractors happy compared to some businesses who might not care or take the time to observe and listen.

#1: Education

In the trades there are a lot of skills, trainings, and courses that contractors will and need to attend in order to keep their certifications current but to also stay educated and up to date. We get it, training can be expensive, especially when you are sending several employees. However, it is highly worth it because your contractors will be educated and up to date on all the newest information and tactics that apply to their position. Trainings and certifications can also keep your contractors safer and out of harm’s way because they will know how to handle certain situations. Sending your team to classes and trainings will always be a good move.

#2: Be Available

Nine times out of ten, your contractors will be independent and need little to no guidance on things no matter what it is. However, everyone at some point has questions or may need some direction on a task no matter what it may be. Always be available to answer questions, lead, guide, or to help when needed. You are the higher up and your contractors want to feel comfortable coming to you for help when needed. 

#3: Consider Their Skill Level

If you work for a company that moves their contractors from job site to job site, be conscious of your contractors rank and skills. Don’t give a contractor who works at a high skill level with years of experience a jobsite that only requires an entry level contractor. This will keep your contractors focused and excited for the days to come. You don’t want to bore your contractors because they will be less motivated and feel like they are completing mind numbing work.

#4: Be Clear and Straightforward

Keep all deadlines clear and easy to follow. Possibly create a system where everyone has access to a document, or calendar that shows the deadlines, so no one misses them or has any reason to not know them. By keeping things organized and clear, your contractors will be able to manage their time and stay on track for every project they are on.

#5: Be clear and direct

Don’t ever sneak in tips and tricks or recommendations to do better and so on. You always want to be straightforward and clear so there is no confusion. This will not only help your contractors do better, but it helps them know where they need to improve. Be sure to confidently note your expectations so everyone knows where they need to measure up.

Being a contractor is tough, it entails a lot of physical excursion, motivation, and organization which is why it is important that everyone above a contractor’s rank stays direct, efficient, and aware of everyone below their ranks needs and wants when it comes to the job. Always be open and listen to your workers. Watch their body language and act when appropriate. Stay tuned for Part Two where we continue with the remaining 5 ways companies can keep their contractors safe, happy, and motivated.