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Having a pergola on a deck can lead to some magical dinners.

Having a deck of any size is possible with a almost any backyard. Yet, even with a deck most homeowners don’t have a pergola on a deck or any outdoor dining space. A pergola can be either on top of a deck, attached to the deck over a stone patio. It can be completely separate from the house, or simply placed on the grass somewhere in the yard. What most home owners don’t realize is that a pergola adds a great deal of value to their home. While also acting as an incredible outdoor dining and entertaining area that is practically magic. Adding a pergola can transport you to a place where things are easier, cooler, and more beautiful. So with that in mind, take a look below for some inspiration.


Make Shade With A Pergola On A Deck

Most people that have a pergola use climbing vines, flowers, and even fruit that will thrive with little maintenance. Adding trees, vines, or flowers to a pergola adds shade from that hot summer sun. Adding the grill invites even more activity and outdoor meals. It’s almost like having a full kitchen and dining room outdoors, where you can enjoy the best of food, nature, and family. We want to be outside and on the deck in the summer. So why not have a space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, while staying cool.

Magical Ideas For Outdoor Dining Under A Pergola On A Deck

source: 4thlight.com


A Sanctuary

Adding plants and flowers, creative and cute lighting, and an interesting table, to a pergola on a deck will create the ideal sanctuary. It will become a place that almost seems mythical and fantastic. Of course, not every home wants to turn it up to this much charm. But you can take the same concept of adding lights and plants of your own style and personality. Create a place that makes you dream. Anything that feels like an escape from your every day.

Magical Ideas For Outdoor Dining Under A Pergola On A Deck

source: idomyselph.com



Want to feel like you’re in another country? One great way is to build a more rustic pergola. One that looks like it was made several hundred years ago. It sounds more difficult than it really is. Not every homeowner can go achieve result like the one below. Yet, it is still possible to get close. Either take that same concept and work it into the design of your home, or create a little outdoor paradise for yourself and your family.

outdoor dining under a pergola

source: linenandlavender.net



A bohemian style pergola on a deck has the characteristic of ease, relaxation, and a beachy vibe. All you need is a good picnic table, some wicker chairs and some funky lighting once you have the pergola built. I know, this sounds like a chore right. Build a pergola? It’s less difficult than you think, and can be completed in a day. Materials like the ones below look like driftwood, and sure you might be able to use drift wood to build a pergola like this. Contractors and designers can help you find wood that is unfinished, with a more natural look.

outdoor dining

source: melbripley.tumblr.com



You can add charm to any style of pergola on a deck or not, simply by adding flowers and unique lighting. Add a European feel, maybe an old world feel by adding tinted steel lights like those below. Make it romantic by draping flowers that dip towards your guests. Contractors and builders simply install a pergola, and you are responsible for adding the charm.


Homeowners often seek ways to personalize, and to make their homes unique. Almost any style of pergola will do this for your home. Providing a space that can be customized, changed seasonally, and enjoyed year round.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers pergolas in many styles and sizes. Add shade, style, and an outdoor dining space to your deck by calling or visiting us today!