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LP SmartSide products offer the unique opportunity for the warmth and natural beauty of traditional wood with the strength of engineered wood. With their high-performance lines of siding and trim products, LP SmartSide has created an innovative solution to some of the most important materials on a home. 

LP has remained a leader in the building materials industry due to their high quality products, unwavering mission, and the overarching desire to build a better world. They strive to help other industry professionals build better projects with better materials at a price they can count on. Ultimately, LP is engineering products that are built to make a difference in the community and environment.

Siding Options

As the name implies, LP SmartSide is known for their range of siding products. Their lap siding is some of the most popular given its smooth finish and easy installation. This product is incredibly durable and truly built to protect your home in any conditions. As one of the most long-lasting and durable siding options on the market, this material is a must for anyone looking to improve their curb appeal.

LP SmartSide also has panel siding that resembles cedar wood. This product is preferable for those looking for the easiest installation and premier adhesion and pre-priming capabilities. It is also lighter than most other products giving it a unique edge when it comes to personalizing it to your home.

Lastly, we also offer vertical siding from LP SmartSide here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products. Vertical siding is similar to the other siding options but is installed vertically. This gives the materials a rustic look and more traditional feel once on the walls. It’s available in varying widths, textures, and colors for customers to personalize to their specific needs.

Shingles And Shakes

Nothing gives off a cozy, lake cabin vibe quite like cedar shakes. Now, you can enjoy the warm appeal with the durability of engineered wood. LP SmartSide shakes are built to resemble cedar shakes but have all the qualities you wish your average cedar shakes had. They are more resistant to weather, adhere easily onto any surface, and will last for decades with no issues.

LP SmartSide also offers a similar product called the Perfection Shingle. These shingles are treated with their SmartGuard process and have incredible durability and are built to stand the test of time. They have proved time and time again that they are impervious to inclement weather and will continue looking great no matter the conditions. 

Trim And Fascia

If you’ve been hoping to improve your curb appeal, you’re probably on the lookout for trim and fascia materials. These products are great for hiding any unwanted seams and creating an effortless flow of design all throughout your outdoor spaces. 

With LP SmartSide Trim and Fascia, you can get maximum curb appeal with any style and performance needs you want. These products are available in an extensive range of colors, textures, and profiles to meet any requirements you may have. 

Soffit Options

LP SmartSide also offers soffit products for any exterior needs. Available in vented and non-vented profiles, these products are sure to make your home stand out from the crowd. These soffit materials resemble natural wood and have all that same beauty with the added bonus of functional needs to take advantage of. They are precisely cut, bug resistant, and will look great for years with no issues.

To learn more about LP SmartSide, head to their website at https://lpcorp.com/ or contact our representatives here.