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Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we take pride in the products we carry and the companies we are affiliated with. We make sure that our materials are high-quality products that will be long lasting, easy to work with, and of course, have worthy design aesthetics. A specific company that we carry products from is Old World Timber. They are local to Lexington, Kentucky and have a wide selection of reclaimed wood products. One in particular that we stock being Reclaimed Equestrian Horse Fencing.

Who is Old World Timber

At Old World Timber, their mission is Reclaim. Redeem. Repurpose. They work with a network of suppliers who specialize in the deconstruction of old buildings, in which they source their reclaimed wood. Beyond the sourcing of material, they are very community-based and involve themselves whenever they can.

Their product is at the utmost highest quality possible, due to the craftsmanship they carry throughout the company and onto their employees. They spend hours on end making sure every piece of material that goes out through their doors is ready to be resold and used for a new masterpiece or project in a home. Their overall goal as a company is to repurpose the wood and give old history a new beginning. They may be a small town company, but they all have hearts bigger than ever.

Reclaimed Equestrian Fencing

What is it?

This product is explicitly sourced from old fencing rather than old buildings. This not only helps keep past history within old towns alive, but it gives a new purpose for old fencing. Reclaimed Equestrian Fencing still has the same rustic and weathered look that all reclaimed wood has, just with a different source. Most people think that because fencing is in the name, it has to be used as fencing. This is not true; this product has been re-milled into a siding profile and can be used for all the same accents as traditional reclaimed wood like siding, flooring, accent pieces, and more.

Colors Available

Something unique to this product and Old World Timber is that unlike other suppliers, they offer different coloring as opposed to the traditional wood shade. They offer four vibrant and unique options:

  • White Washed Oak Cladding
  • Original Brown Mixed Hardwood
  • Weathered Gray Mixed Hardwood
  • Faded Red Mixed Hardwood

All of these color pallets offer mixed colorations and wood grain that is unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They offer different profiles and cuts based on what the product is being used for, which helps with prep time and install. Typically this product is sourced from fencing that was built with ash, elm, oak, and maple which are all commonly sought-after species but they aren’t usually used for projects indoors. This product allows you to bring a new type of species inside and give your home a one of a kind appeal.

What can you use it for?

This product can be used for all the same things that traditional reclaimed wood is used for. You can use it for accent walls, shiplap on your ceilings, headboards, nightstands, entertainment centered, or smaller accents in your kitchen and bathroom. The opportunities are endless as long as you have an imagination.

Old World Timber’s Other Products

Old World Timber carries a wide variety of other reclaimed wood materials aside from the Reclaimed Equestrian Fencing. They supply flooring in several different shades as well as paneling options, along with the Equestrian Horse Fencing. A product that not many reclaimed wood suppliers have are barn doors. Old World Timber stocks quality barn doors with incredible coloring, design accents, and wood grain.

Old World Timber is one of many reclaimed wood suppliers across the nation. We specifically chose them for their honesty and transparency when it comes to their product, their love for their clients and the community, and of course, their high quality and incredibly breathtaking products. They are from a small town in Kentucky, but have made their mark across the board in several different states. If you would like to use Old World Timber for your reclaimed project, give us a call!