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Many people are opting for alternative off grid living. They are moving away from cities and suburbs and moving to the country or to the mountains.

These “off-grid” homes are rooted in the middle of nowhere. With stores often hundreds of miles away repairs cannot easily be completed. Therefore, despite what type of home one builds, it must be durable, resilient, and long-lasting.

What Off Grid Living Looks Like Today

One of the most important aspects of this “off grid” living is the desire to get back to nature and enjoy the outdoors. What better way to that then on a Trex deck.

One popular destination for this remote living is Alaska. Those that venture to the last frontier are building everything from small tiny cabins to large lodge like cabins and all with Trex decking.

Cabins in Alaska can be on lakes, rivers, inlets, or high on a hill. These homeowners are opting for Trex decking because it the most reliable and high performing composite decking around.

In some of the most remote locations these properties can only be accessed by floatplanes, boats, or jet skis. These Alaskan homeowners are also using Trex decking for their waterway docks because it is resistant to mold, rot, and deterioration.

Trex Decking Is Temperature Resistant

Trex decking is extremely temperature resistant. It can withstand the hottest to the coldest of climates without damage.

The constant freezing, thawing, and re-freezing that plagues Alaska requires building materials that will not contract, expand, split, and warp with temperature changes.

In Alaska, a Trex deck can be exposed to temperatures as low at -70 degrees Fahrenheit. You can rest assured that your Trex deck will continue to thrive even in this harsh environment.

A traditional wood deck would have to constantly be replaced in the extreme Alaskan weather. It would need to be sealed yearly and constant repairs would need to be made. This not only will cost you a lot of money in the long run, but time as well.

Trex Decking Can Hold Up To Wildlife

Not only will an Alaskan Trex deck hold up to the wear and tear that you put on it, it will stand up to unexpected visitors as well. In the Alaska frontier it is not uncommon or bear, moose, mountain lions, and other large clawed animals to enjoy your Trex deck as well.

Your Trex deck will stay looking good as new with its patented shell technology.

Modern Day Conveniences and Luxury

For many it is hard to understand the allure of “off grid” living.  The thing is that these Alaskan cabins are equipped with all of the modern -day conveniences and elements of luxury. With running water, electricity, and extended outdoor living with a Trex deck who could ask for more?

As you can see, Trex decking is sophisticated enough for a large suburban home and rustic enough for the Alaskan Frontier. Because Trex decking is one of the most popular and reliable composite decking lines available you can’t go wrong! Check out our website to find pricing for both traditional decking, Trex Decking, and more!