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The Great Frame Up Company which offers framing services, sells artwork, and has a gallery is hosting a woodworking exhibit in October 2020 in Boulder. They are offering artists a place to display unique art projects using wood. The 2020 exhibit is supposed to be one of the best art shows in Boulder County. Some of the buzz is coming from the limited availability of a famed new offering of Boulder lumber that has just made an appearance.

This new Boulder lumber is actually an aged black walnut. It comes from the historic Rawley Homestead Open Space. The structures and trees that have stood for hundreds of years are now a coveted Boulder lumber.

Why is this New Offering of Boulder Lumber Available?

This Boulder lumber is the result of the death of the trees on the homestead site. This mass falling is due to Thousand Cankers Disease.

This disease that took the lives of acres and acres of trees leaving behind this beautiful black walnut Boulder lumber is recognized as a sickness that infests certain walnuts.

The disease took over the Boulder lumber as a result of the combined effort of the walnut twig beetle and a canker producing fungus.

These pests are particularly attracted to the black walnut Boulder lumber. An outbreak in 2010 made its way across Boulder County.

The composition and density of the black walnut Boulder lumber has proven to be a thriving host for the beetle and the fungus.

Local woodworkers are jumping at the chance to get their hands on this unique Boulder lumber. The black walnut Boulder lumber is highly valued for many projects. Cabinetry, furniture, and artwork are just a few of the common uses for the Boulder lumber.

Woodworking with the black walnut Boulder lumber can be challenging. This type of Boulder lumber is just different. It has many characteristics that other wood does not. That is one reason that art enthusiasts will flock to see artwork made from the black walnut Boulder lumber. For example, the artists battle a higher than normal number of knots, lots and lots of sapwood, and other flaws.

One reason for the hype about the upcoming art show is that the black walnut Boulder lumber is coming straight from the land off of the Rawley Homestead. It will not be going through any type of manufacturing process. When it comes to black walnut this can be a problem. Black walnut is steamed during the manufacturing process to reduce color variations from the sap. The new black walnut Boulder lumber will not be exposed to the steam. But on a positive note this may actually make for some beautiful and dramatic pieces when they are done.

Although it is not until next Fall be sure to visit the display if you happen to be in Boulder County. The residents will be proud of their black walnut creations made from this once in a lifetime Boulder lumber.

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we do not stock the same black walnut that is going to be at this show, but we can offer a wide variety of products. From decking, fencing, siding, railing, and more, we are your one stop shop for any lumber products needed!