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RMFP and Denver Business Owner, Dan O’Connor

When you talk to Dan for the first time you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice. He loves what he does and is proud of every project they are privileged to be a part of. Founded over 15 years ago in beautiful Douglas County, Colorado- Colorado Custom Floors (CCF) has stuck to their mission statement to provide one of a kind craftsmanship to one customer at a time. A team of true craftsmen and creators, Colorado Custom Floors will bring your unique Denver custom flooring vision to life in a spectacular way. We sat down with Dan O’Connor, owner of Colorado Custom Floors and asked him a few questions about what makes Colorado Custom Floors a business to watch out for in the years to come. Here’s how that conversation went:

RMFP: So Dan, tell us the story of how Colorado Custom Floors came to be.

CCF: Well it really happened out of necessity, like a lot of businesses do. We had a lot of experience with stone, glass and metal work. But we finally landed on wood and our passion for it has just grown over the years.

RMFP: How many years have you been in business and what services do you provide?

CCF: We have been in business for 15 years and have always worked out of Douglas County. Our service area spans further than Douglas County, but that’s where we have put roots down. The services we provide are restoration, installation and sanding & finishing. We are proud to craft hardwood custom floors, staircases, home accents, and mantles. If a client has a desire for a beautiful custom project with the finest materials we can get our hands on, we will make it happen. We love working with tree slabs, butcher blocks, and a mixture of different materials.

RMFP: Who is your typical clientele?

CCF: We typically work with high-end residential or commercial customers. We do about 75% residential and 25% commercial, mainly in restaurants in Colorado. We describe ourselves as a small, family-owned and owner-operated company. We are non-production, top-level craftsmanship artists.

RMFP: How many employees do you have, and who has been with you the longest?

CCF: We have 4 employees currently and the person that has been with us the longest is Bart Martinez. He has been with Colorado Custom Floors for 8 years and helps out with business development. Bart is a HUGE asset to the company.

RMFP: Sounds like a good guy to keep around! If a potential customer was shopping around for contractors for their next project, what would you describe your style as for the company?

CCF: I would describe us as mixed media artists. We love working with a mixture of materials, such as wood, stone, steel and glass. A good description would be light industrial with rustic and reclaimed elements.

RMFP: Very cool- that style really meshes well with Colorado. Speaking of Colorado, what is your favorite part about living here in this beautiful state?

CCF: I love everything about it. The mountains, being outdoors… We get a lot of our design ideas from just being outside and observing nature. And I love this history of Colorado. Everything from Pikes Peak, to the settlers and the Cog Railroad- it all has so much character and history. We love pulling the outside elements inside. It leads to beautiful works of art that people can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

RMFP: What are some of the most prestigious projects you’ve been able to work on?

CCF: Hands down, the coolest project we have worked on was the restoration of the flooring of the Wellington Webb Library inside the Capitol building in Downtown Denver. We were honored to have chosen for the project and were thrilled with the finished product. We have also done work in countless restaurants around the state and beautiful projects in Breckenridge. We did work in the personal residence of the owner of Yeti Mountain Bikes, which was pretty fun.

RMFP: Those all sounds awesome! So as we wrap up our time together, we’d love to hear what are your goals for Colorado Custom Floors?

CCF: Our goal as a company is to educate the building community and designers. We want to remind people that we can do really great work with real wood and real materials. Our craftsmanship and artistry can truly last a lifetime and we want to keep craft alive in Colorado.

Denver Custom Flooring

We truly loved getting to know Dan O’Connor and the team at Colorado Custom Floors. If you are looking for a true work of art and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime, give these guys a call. You can visit them on Colorado Custom Floors’ website, find them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram or get a hold of them the old-fashioned way with a phone call @ 303.667.0270!