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No matter the product everyone has their personal opinion. When it comes to decking, wood used to be the standard go to but now there are other options. Over the past decade composite decking like Trex decking has been developing a market. Because the manufacturing technology has been fine tuned Trex decking has far surpassed early expectations of the product and its performance. With any product like Trex decking that causes a buzz, there is excitement and skepticism. That is why it is important to know where the information you are receiving is coming from. With that in mind, there is a lot of miss information on the web regarding this exciting product. In this blog, we will break down some of the major myths about Trex Decking.

If you are considering installing a Trex deck, there are some common myths that you will encounter. Hopefully after reading this article you will feel more confident in making your decision!

Myths About Trex Decking: Trex Decking Is Expensive

This was true back when composite decking was first introduced. In the beginning Trex decking was about three times more expensive than a traditional wood deck.

With improvements in manufacturing and technology the price has come down significantly.

Myths About Trex Decking: Trex Decking Requires No Maintenance

Just to be completely honest there is a small amount of maintenance required for your Trex deck, but it is NOTHING compared to a traditional wood deck.

Basically, you will just need to spray down your Trex deck as needed to keep the surface clean as it will attract dirt.

Myths About Trex Decking: Trex Decking Looks Like Plastic

Today this is a myth but was not back in the day. When Trex decking first made its appearance it did not resemble real wood and did have a plastic look. After decades production has been fine tuned and Trex decking now looks like real wood. The custom colors and grain make Trex one of the leading composite decking lines around today. In fact, Trex offers two grain patterns to choose from which is a unique feature of Trex decking. This makes it easier than ever to match any existing wood structures that you have.

Myths About Trex Decking: Trex Decking Is Hard To Install

Over the years Trex decking has made some advanced changes to it hardware making installation easier than ever. Trex decking is quicker and easier to install than a traditional wood deck because of its fastening system.

It is so simple in fact that even an amateur DIY-er can do it without any problem!

Trex has also created easy to understand how to guides with step by step guidelines and pointers.

Also, you can truly customize the size and shape of your deck with Trex. You have the ability to order special cuts

Myths About Trex Decking: Trex Decking Will Stain, Scratch, and Fade

Modern day Trex decking has a shell strength system that prevents any sort of staining, scratching, or fading. Other composite decking lines will eventually fade to grey over the years but not Trex.

Trex decking also comes with a 25-year warranty to ensure its ability to stand up to wear and tear.

When researching Trex decking make sure that you get your information from a reputable sight like Rocky Mountain Forest Products or Trex’s own website!