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Is it possible to achieve a futuristic look with today’s modern siding?

Of course it is. In fact, there are quite a few houses that have already taken this approach with modern siding. Architects are looking towards the future with their designs, and many have already implemented these designs in today’s housing market. If you’re looking to build a home, or just looking for inspiration to upgrade your home to a modern one, consider a few of the designs below.

Some of these may seem difficult to implement if you already have a home and don’t plan to build a new one. But there are certain aspects that you can replicate. Particularly in the windows, and the wood siding and how they are shaped, and placed to create such modern and futuristic looks.

Wrap Around Modern Siding

The interesting thing about the way wood was used on this house is that they used it for siding, as well as to built an outdoor space around the windows. It’s an incredible use of modern siding and wood decking. This is a design that could be implemented on many other homes. They’ve also taken modern siding a step further by merging the roof with wood paneling that runs down either side of the home, creating a shelter for the rest of the house.

modern siding

source: fromupnorth.com

One With The Earth

While most modern designs are angular and rigid, futuristic homes tend to have a fluidity. Blending modern angles with the natural flow of the earth. It becomes a more harmonious design. This house takes things to a whole new level by rooting half of the home into a hillside. The rest of the home is mostly windows and roof. The brilliance in this is that the modernity comes in through the angles of the roof and the way it joins with the wrap around deck. Giving continuity to the design. The modern siding is tied from roof to windows and along the far siding in such a unique and brilliant way. You can’t help but love this design.

modern siding

source: bloesem.blogs.com

Apartments Take On A New Approach

Is it possible that in the future we could all be living in apartments like these? One can dream right?

The modern siding in this design is unique in that most of it covers the wrap around decks that divide each level. The angles create a modern look while the extensive use of windows light up the building.

modern siding

source: fromupnorth.com

Tiny Home Upgrade

The base of this home almost looks like a tiny home with modern siding. The additional layer above it turns it into a modern masterpiece. The large windows and deck are accentuated by that incredible rood with modern wood siding tacked underneath. Giving the deck an impressive overhang. We love that that roof continues down and bends into an angle at the back of the house.

modern siding

source: contemporist.com

Don’t Miss An Inch

Every inch of this home is covered in thin slats of modern siding. It’s truly an incredible and all inclusive design that doesn’t miss a single spot of this home, an instead simply frames the windows in intense angles that make this home stand out.

modern siding

Changing the siding on your home is one of the most simple ways to upgrade and modernize the look of your home. If your home doesn’t share a lot of the design aspects of the homes above, such as angles and large windows, there are still ways you can bring your home into the future. As mentioned, you can change the siding to more of a clapboard style. The boards will be flush with the wall. You can also paint your home black. I know, it sounds outrageous, but there are many homes that have taken on a modern look simply by using such a dark color. You can also char the wood. There is an uptick in the number of homeowners intentionally charring the wood on their homes, or getting it professionally done.

There are plenty of options when it comes to modern siding. The question is what will you choose, for the future.

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