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Shiplap is becoming a design staple in many homes, no matter the motif, design, or overall look. Shiplap is a product that can be used in a variety of different ways and can be changed up to fit the certain style of your home. It can be rustic and welcoming, or contemporary and chic. It all just depends on the way it is installed and implemented into your home. When you think of shiplap, you think of paneling on the walls, but there are more ways than one to implement modern design utilizing shiplap siding on various projects throughout your home. These ideas are just the beginning when it comes to what you can do with shiplap siding.

Ideas for Modern Design Utilizing Shiplap Siding

Thick and Thin Paneling

A unique idea when it comes to shiplap is changing up the actual size and width of the boards. You can go with a uniform look, but it is keen on the eye if you change it up. Thinner boards will give a less natural and more styled look rather than average siding boards. You can also change it up throughout the home alternating the sizes, so it looks like a totally different accent when they are exactly the same.

Functional Accent Wall

If you use shiplap on a wall as an accent, that doesn’t mean you can’t add more to that wall. Once you add your desired shiplap design you could add hooks to provide the functionality to a mudroom for coats and bags, or in a bathroom for towels and robes. You could even use shiplap in your kitchen as an accent with hooks for pots and pans, and utensils.

Change Up the Color

Typically, the most commonly seen colors of shiplap are classic white or natural wood, depending on what style the home is designed in. You can be creative and add some color to your shiplap with a darker color to warm up a room, you could paint a design or even add wallpaper to give your wall some pizazz while also having some dimension.

Design Up

Shiplap is secured on walls, but why not design up and use it on the ceiling? By using shiplap on the ceiling, you will give the room a more complete and rustic vibe, while being cozy. If you really want to get crazy, you could even use shiplap on the walls and ceilings. This look in a bathroom would be amazing and give the sense you are in a sauna.

Accent Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your living room or even in your master bedroom, you want to carry on the cozy feeling you get when you are in front of a fireplace. Use the shiplap to accent your fireplace and run along with the whole structure. By doing this you can portray a cottage look or even a mountain rustic feel. It all depends on the install and the color you go with! For example, a white fireplace may look more beach and cottage-like, while a natural wood or dark brown would be more like mountain living.

Change Up the Pattern

Traditional vertical shiplap doesn’t have to be the only pattern you use. You can swap the boards and install them horizontally or you can use different sized boards and lay them out in a random fashion rather than in unison. This is a certain way to add variety and dimension. You can also use a chevron or herringbone pattern, which is both common but unique looking.

Shiplap is such a fun product to work with because there is no right or wrong way to use it in your home. If you want to be creative and design your own accent wall using shiplap, nothing is stopping you (outside a quick phone call, that is…)! Shiplap is so easy to maneuver and change up that you can constantly change the color or feel of the overall design look. You also don’t have to stop with just shiplap on the walls and ceilings. You can even use it for projects around your home, for DIYs, weddings, birthday parties, or get together with friends and families. The only thing limiting your ability to use shiplap for a variety of creations is your imagination!