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What is a pergola?

You’ve probably seen plenty of pergolas around, although you may not know one by its proper name. Sometimes referred to as a canopy, pergolas are outdoor structures that were originally intended as garden structures. Often covered by ivy and vines, they were designed to create a shaded walkway or sitting area. These days, pergolas are primarily used as structures in an open area; having little to do with gardens or plants, they commonly serve to provide partial shade to a deck or patio seating area. Granted, there are many (many!) different ways to dress up a pergola with curtains, vines, light fixtures, and much more in order to create a unique and beautiful structure.

Why do I need a pergola?

Like most home improvement projects, installing a pergola will add value to your home. If you already find yourself enjoying time outdoors and would like to spice up your seating area, adding a pergola is truly a win-win scenario. Additionally, a pergola can easily serve as a creative outlet for you to design and build something that sets your home apart. Decks, patios, and siding can certainly play a role in personalizing your home, but the pergola offers much more in terms of ability to customize – especially for the budget-conscious homeowner.

What materials do I need to build a pergola?

While some companies sell “pergola kits” that will enable you to purchase and assemble a pergola without going to too much trouble, you will find that these kits do not offer a wide variety of style options and only come in certain sizes. On the other hand, if you use Rocky Mountain Forest Products as your supplier, one of our experts will help you through the entire material selection process, including customizing the project to the size of the surface you wish to cover. We are also able to recommend top-notch contractors in the area who will be able to perform the decorative cuts that most homeowners consider to be a must-have.