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Mahogany Decking is an excellent choice for decking material in Colorado. After being harvested unsustainably for years in Brazil, the Fijian government and lumber industry stepped in to create a sustainable supply for the world’s demand for this beautiful product. Within 10 years, this lumber operation in Fiji is capable of supplying three quarters of the world’s demand for Mahogany decking. This is excellent news for the environment, helps boost the Fijian economy and brings a high quality decking material to the general public. Let’s learn more about Mahogany decking!

Gorgeous Color of Mahogany Decking

Mahogany is most well-known for its rich color. The color of the heartwood varies from a pinkish to pale brown, complete with reddish brown streaks. The sapwood displays a light pink to yellow-brown color as well. As it ages, Mahogany darkens from the light orange-brown when fresh cut, to a deep mahogany color over the years. There are a couple of different options for finishing the deck, depending on the look you are going after. You can treat it with marine oil so it ends up looking like teak. If left unfinished, your mahogany deck will age to a silvery hue.

Properties of Mahogany Decking

Mahogany decking is a great choice for the consumer looking for an affordable, low maintenance decking option. Naturally resistant to rot and decay, Mahogany decking stands up to the elements with ease. Mahogany is known as a “clear” product, which means that there are no knots in the wood. This gives your decking a smooth, polished look that homeowners love. Mahogany decking also does not splinter, even when the wood has been damaged. It is an excellent option for those with pets and children and who like to walk barefoot on their deck. Mahogany decking is one of the softer hardwoods, so it’s easier to work than Ipe, and will be a higher quality option than redwood decking or cedar decking. Because it’s so durable, Mahogany decking is able to handle the wear and tear of patio furniture and pets much easier than softwoods like cedar and redwood. Fading can happen over time, but not if you stick to a good schedule of proper maintenance and restaining it.

Maintaining your Mahogany Decking

Because you’re using a natural wood product for your decking, you will need to perform regular maintenance and upkeep to extend the life of your Mahogany decking. Check out these tips:

  • Every 1-2 months check for warping, cracking and splitting of your boards 
  • Every 1-2 months clean the debris and dirt off your deck
  • Restain your deck every year
  • If you notice spills, leaves or other debris you can easily just sweep it off and spray it down as needed

Why Fijian Mahogany?

As mentioned previously, most of the world’s Mahogany used to be sourced from Brazil. Due to unsustainable harvesting practices, this supply dried up and the Fijian government and lumber industry stepped in to create a sustainable supply of Mahogany for the world. After World War II, Mahogany was planted on the islands of Fiji with the intention of turning it into a fully sustainable resource. Their forest plantations are very closely regulated by the Fijian Government to manage the sustainability and milling process. They perform logging based on the concept of “minimal impact” where the least amount of damage possible is done to the surrounding areas. It’s refreshing to know that this wonderful natural resource is being protected and regulated so we will be able to appreciate it for years to come. 

In addition to being harvested in an environmentally conscious manner, the Mahogany forest plantations are also a huge asset to the local economy. All of the plantations which grow Mahogany are owned by the local groups of the Fijian people. They are highly involved in the forest maintenance, as well as harvesting and processing the lumber. No logs are sold overseas, and all initial processing must be done in Fiji to serve as a quality control measure. This industry in Fiji has many benefits to its community such as better health conditions, better education, and a better future for the people of Fiji. You can learn more about the building products that the Fijian people are producing!

Hopefully this quick guide has been helpful in understanding the benefit of using Mahogany decking on your next home project. The beauty and benefits are endless!

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we proudly supply this incredible decking material! If you’d like to learn more about this product, or use it on your next project, give us a call!