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It’s 2019- which means that the majority of the baby boomers are now at least 55 years old, which begs the question-what do they want to see in their building materials? Many baby boomers might already have their home built and are not making any new building decisions. But some might be looking at downsizing and we need to ask- what are they looking for? By following common trends, we can safely assume that many baby boomers are looking for long lasting Denver lumber to use in their homes.

According to NAHB’s What Home Buyers Really Want, baby boomers are extremely interested in energy efficiency, and the vast majority (81%) want to invest in durable materials that need to be replaced less frequently as well. This is a fair conclusion to come from this survey, given the demographics of those surveyed. By creating an energy efficient home with materials that need to be replaced less often, baby boomers can focus on what really matters.

Quality Denver Lumber for Baby Boomers

Living in Colorado, many of us enjoy time outside enjoying our outdoor space. A fence is a necessity, but it is something that is often not given too much attention. A lot of our HOAs require a fence, so we go with the bare minimum to appease the HOA gods. This can be a money pit for seniors though, if they are not educated on the best materials to use for their fence in Colorado.

Pressure treated fencing does okay in other climates throughout the United States, but using pressure treated fencing in Colorado is a huge mistake. A deadly combination of the chemical treatment and Colorado’s dry climate, leaves pressure treated fences drying out and rotting within a couple of years. The price tag is definitely lower, so a lot of people are drawn to using pressure treated pine pickets and posts – but this is a shortcut that should not be taken. While a baby boomer may think that they scored a good deal on their fence materials, they should be cautioned that they will likely be replacing parts (if not the whole fence) in just a short couple of years.

Cedar fence materials however, perform beautifully in Colorado’s climate. Although slightly more expensive, cedar fences with Denver lumber can last 20+ years. The upfront investment is well worth it and will prevent a baby boomer of having to spend more money on an already costly expense.

Building a Long Lasting Deck with Denver Lumber

Many baby boomers want a deck to enjoy their outdoor living space and there are many quality materials to use which will last for decades. If going a natural route, cedar or redwood decking are excellent cost efficient options. Cedar has one of the smallest environmental footprints and will last a long time with minimal upkeep and replacement. Redwood is known for lasting up to 30 years with a well maintained deck. It is the most fire resistant decking on the market, which makes it a safer choice for baby boomers. It is less likely to warp, and the splitting is minimized.

Exotic hardwoods are also a great options when designing your deck with Denver lumber. With options like Ipe, Garapa, Mahogany, Red Balau and Tigerwood- you are sure to find a style that works with your taste. Exotic hardwoods are given a bad rap for being expensive, but when you take into consideration how long they last with very little maintenance necessary, the price tag is well worth it. Ipe, for example, is able to withstand harsh climates, resist insect damage and resist mold and decay, therefore making it a great choice for baby boomers. Ipe is generally guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives- not many other woods can claim that!

Of course, composite decking is a great option for baby boomers because of the slick feel and low maintenance properties. Many composite decking options are very eco-friendly, which is appealing for baby boomers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. Trex Decking for example, used 95% recycled wood and plastic film in their materials. In addition to a eco-friendly product, Trex also aims towards an eco-friendly supply chain, making smarter choices every step of the way. The typical maintenance on a composite deck is simply sweeping it off, rinsing it off and you’re done! This is great news for people who don’t want to spend too much time on home maintenance and want to see it last a long time.

These are just a couple of examples of how baby boomers can use high quality, long lasting Denver lumber materials in their homes. With the massive shift of a large percentage of the population getting into their older years, using building materials that will last is more important than ever! If you are interested in using some Denver lumber, give us a call! Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.