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If you live in a place like the mountains or in the country and want a home that looks just like a log cabin without the expense of building a log house, don’t panic because you have options. If anyone has ever investigated the insurance on a home that is made of log or even how much it cost to build a log house, the prices will overwhelm you. Now, you’re probably wondering why the insurance and building a log home so expensive? Well, the insurance for one is so high because doing repairs on a log home is extremely difficult, because if one log is damaged and needs to be replaced you must take down the surrounding logs to get around it. Same goes with the building because you need certain materials for a log home that a traditional home builder doesn’t typically use, you also must go through a builder that specializes in log homes. Don’t worry! You can still achieve the log cabin look that you’ve dreamed of using log lap siding!

So What is Log Lap Siding?

The first question you probably have is what is log lap siding and how does it compare? Well, log lap siding is an alternative type of siding that has a flat back that easily secures on the exterior of your home and has a surface that is shaped and looks just like a log. Log lap can be installed over a pre existing surface and looks as if your home is truly a log cabin. This type of siding is very popular among builders in the mountains to mimic the look and feel of mountain living.

The benefits of log lap siding definitely outweigh the negatives, when it comes to deciding whether or not this type of siding is right for you and your home. Like we mentioned, this type of siding is much cheaper than using real authentic logs because it is mass produced and meant to be bought in large quantities. It is also much more affordable when it comes to the maintenance on it. Log lap siding will also add value to your home because it will take your traditional house and turn it into a mountain cabin, which is highly desirable with current design trends. It also helps with insulating your home, which can decrease your energy costs. Some may think that log lap siding is made of composite or plastic materials, but this is not the case. Log lap siding is made from real wood, which makes using this siding even better. Finally, log lap siding is also eco friendly because a whole log isn’t being used for just one row of siding. Wasted material is minimized, which means your helping the environment.

Why Log Lap?

So, why should you choose log lap? Well, aside from it being affordable and eco friendly, log lap siding is also very easy to install and replace if you need to replace a couple boards here and there. You can also install this siding vertically or horizontally so you can customize your design to fit your likings.

How can you extend the life of your log lap? Just like with every other type of siding, if you do regular maintenance on it you will increase the lifespan. Regularly check the surface and make sure there are  no mold spots, cracks, or defects that need to be fixed. Clean the surface regularly to avoid any dust and debris from harming the surface.

A huge plus to log lap siding is that you don’t have to leave it as natural wood if you don’t want to. You can paint or stain this siding just like with any others, which means you have endless options when it comes to customizing your home.

We get that maybe this style isn’t for everyone, which is why we offer several different options of siding here at RMFP. However, if you think this style of siding is for you, let’s get on it today! Come on in and see our samples and the different options we offer. Once we get you going, you can design your home to be that mountain cabin you look forward to not just every winter, but all year long. There are many different options, colors and ways to install log lap siding, which means your home will soon be one you’ve dreamed of!