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Krueger Brothers Construction (KB) is family owned and operated full service Colorado Springs Exterior Contractor and serving communities throughout Greater Colorado Springs. Brothers Matthew and Michael Krueger started Krueger Brothers Construction in 2009. Their primary focus is roofing, siding, windows & decks. We recently sat down to learn more about the company with Stephanie Leclerc, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

RMFP: Thanks for talking with us, Stephanie! Can you tell us the story of Krueger Brothers? How did it get started?

KB: Sure, Krueger Brothers Construction was started by brothers Matt and Michael Krueger in 2009. They decided they wanted to change status quo in the industry and do something different with roofing and exteriors. They truly wanted to create a culture of community to take care of the city they live in and the clients they work with. They noticed an industry of door knocking and high pressure sales, and knew they wanted to do something different. They were missionary kids, but they’ve always called Colorado Springs home and have chosen to settle down and raise families here.

RMFP: That’s a great story to get to the point that Krueger Brothers is at now! Can you tell us what services and areas your company focuses on?

KB: We are an exterior general contractor. Our 4 pillars are roofing, windows, siding and decks. We are full service for exterior work though. So for example, if a customer has hail damage, then we act like the general contractor to paint gutters and coordinate whatever the homeowner needs. We do all of our deck work in house and we are the only Platinum Certified Pella Contractor in Colorado Springs.

RMFP: That’s excellent. What areas do you offer services in?

KB: Greater Colorado Springs Area, Woodland Park, Fountain, Falcon and up to Denver.

RMFP: Sounds like you’re pretty busy! How many employees does Krueger Brothers have?

KB: We have 22 employees. We do a lot of with our own crews, with a small amount of sub crews. We are running 4-8 crews daily, depending on the weather.

RMFP: Can you tell us about the average turnaround time for projects with Krueger Brothers?

KB: Of course. For roofs and gutters, we are usually out there for 2 days. For windows, it can range from 3-7 days depending on the size of job. We’ve had jobs anywhere from 4 to 70 windows. Lastly, for decks, we can complete them in 2 days – 2 weeks, depending on the size.

RMFP: Are your projects mainly residential or commercial?

KB: We do both. We love working on residential, commercial and HOA projects. We’ve done work for hotels, apartments associations, flat roofs, and siding for commercial building. We can accommodate anything from a 1,400 square foot home to a 200 room hotel.

RMFP: Very nice, and what is your role at the company?

KB: I am the Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. I oversee the sales team and marketing, I’m always finding new business, dialing in SOP’s, building new relationships and I am a liaison for the community. We are a small, big little company, so I am able to wear a lot of hats.

RMFP: That’s excellent! It sounds like Krueger Brothers is really involved in the community. Do you work directly with any non-profits?

KB: Yes, absolutely! We are actively involved in supporting Tessa, Goodwill, Springs Rescue Mission, Coats for Kids, Westside Cares and we sponsor a baseball team. The community has been good to us, so we want to love our community and make it a better place to live.

RMFP: That’s amazing to find a company that truly cares about the community! What do you like about working in this industry?

KB: Great question: Two things come to mind. When you have a homeowner call you and their world has been rocked by Mother Nature and they see they see complete devastation to their home and neighborhood, we are honored to come in and handle everything from start to finish working with their insurance company. A house is usually a client’s largest investment, so it’s imperative to get things handled in the right way. Things can often get missed and overlooked, so it’s a privilege to be able to sit with them and take the burden off and know we’ve made a difference. Next to health and family, a house is usually the next important thing. We’ve been hit twice this year with hail and it’s equated to devastation for a lot of our clients. We’ve been able to walk with them through this process, contacting the insurance company 38 times in one case, and staying the course before it got approved. We are changing status quo by being the liaison between the client and the insurance company. Others try to mimic this, but it is truly who we are at our core. The second reason we love working in this industry, is when we encounter a beautiful house with amazing views, but is has old windows, the deck is old, or an old shake roof. For us to give the house a facelift and see the difference in the pride of the homeowners, it’s all worth it. The client didn’t have to move to get the house of their dreams and they were able to stay in the neighborhood they love.

RMFP: That’s a really inspiring insight into the heart of your company. Thank you for sharing that with us! What is your hope for every customer that you work with?

KB: That we’re friends at the end of the project. We hope will always have relationships and friendships. We love referrals, too!

RMFP: Speaking of referrals, how do you normally find leads?

KB: Referrals are a big part of it. We are also a Platinum Installer with Pella, and we get a lot of  leads from there. One of our suppliers, Decra, sends us leads- we installed more Decra in 2018 than any other type. Then we have our normal marketing- radio, email, social, but we are not knocking on doors. Some of the largest roofers will still knock on doors, but out of respect and courtesy, Krueger Brothers does not do it. The high pressure sales, without being invited to someone’s home is not something we want to be known for.

RMFP: That’s a good policy to have, seems like you have your bases covered without having to knock on doors for leads. To wrap up, can you share some projects that you are most proud of?

KB: We did a really cool DaVinci roof in Kissing Camels that looks like a spaceship. It really transformed the whole house. In 2016, a storm came through and we were able to work on 7 Marriott Hotels and Holiday Inn Express Hotels with hail damage. We’ve also done a lot of flat roofs on the Powers Corridor that turned out very cool. We really love all of our projects, they are all different and rewarding in their own ways!


At Krueger Brothers Construction, you are priority above everything else, and they value the relationship they build with you. Don’t be surprised when they invite you to local events and gatherings. As a construction company, they build positive long-term relations with all of their customers- it’s the heart of their company! Give them a call at 719-358-7053, learn more about the services they offer on their website, follow them on Facebook, or Instagram!