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In these last few months of Winter have you started designing your new Trex Deck? With that you may be wondering how to plan an amazing party to kick off Summer and to display you new Trex deck. Use the following ideas for the foundation of your first BBQ of the season!

Kick Off Summer: Take A Twist On Classic Recipes

Everyone loves a BBQ and lounging on your new Trex deck your friends and family will enjoy it even more! When we think of BBQ recipes some of the staples come to mind. Food is what makes a BBQ a BBQ. Wow your guests with iconic foods but with a twist. These simple tweaks will leave them wanting more and will make your Trex deck even more memorable.

Kick Off Summer: Wine and Spirits

When mingling with friends and relatives on your new Trex deck everyone loves a cocktail. Keeping the drinks flowing is a tried and true way to ensure that your guests are relaxed and enjoying themselves. Before your party play around with different types of alcohol, tonics, juices, and liqueurs to make a signature drink of your own. This will quickly become a favorite and every time you entertain on your Trex deck your guests will ask for it!

Kick Off Summer: Decorate

Although your Trex deck will be the star attraction, get guests in the mood of Summer with decorations!

String lights along your deck rail for added ambiance once the sun goes down.

Make candle holders out of mason jars decorated with colorful sand and rocks.

Come up with some elaborate table settings.

Make random “food stations” around your Trex deck where guests can refill a drink or grab a snack as they mingle.

Kick Off Summer

Kick Off Summer: Comfy Seating

If you have added some built -in seating on your Trex deck them enhance it with colorful pillows and cushions. Built in seating of your Trex deck is beautiful by itself but these little extras cradle your guests in comfort.

If you do not have built in seating on your Trex deck you can group folding chairs together creating intimate talking spaces for friends and family.

Kick Off Summer: Beat The Heat

Even though everyone has cabin fever at the beginning of Summer, some of your guests may be more sensitive to the heat than others. Make sure that you provide respite from heat in designated areas around your Trex deck. Pergolas and awning can provide shade for more than a couple people at a time and still look great!

Kick Off Summer: Plates, Cups, and Utensils

A quick and easy way to spruce up your BBQ décor is by using decorative plates, cups, and utensils. Even though your Trex deck is the star of the show, glamming up these items that everyone will use adds a special and memorable touch to your guests’ BBQ experience.

Your friends and family already feel special and important by the invitation to join you on your Trex deck, but these simple additions take it to the next level. Good tidings and enjoy your Trex deck all Summer long to make lasting memories for you and yours!