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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… stop buying from big box stores! If you are an industry professional purchasing materials for your business, take advantage of wholesale suppliers and mill direct quality for a fraction of the price. Rocky Mountain Forest Products has been in business for nearly 50 years, creating long-standing relationships with many top mills across the country. We’re able to offer our customers top tier quality at a price they can depend on.

If you’ve found yourself continually buying from the big orange home improvement retailer (you know the one), it’s time to reconsider your options. Not only are you spending more than you need to, you’re purchasing materials that have been picked over and handled by many people along the way. If you want to level up your business and offer your clients dependable products, give us a call.

We’ve Eliminated The Middleman

One of the biggest issues with big box store retailers is the process that the materials go through before entering their store. The wood is manufactured at a mill and handed off on an assembly line of people and transportation services. It has to go through different levels of clearance and categorization before going onto the shelves. 

And then once the material is on the shelves, hundreds of people will walk by it and touch or inspect it. Over days of the material being picked over, you’re left with low quality, overpriced wood that has been touched by thousands of people.

Don’t View Samples

Oftentimes you’ll see that materials suppliers offer their customers samples instead of their actual products. This allows for the customer to bring it home and see it in their existing space. While this may sound like a good idea on a surface level, viewing samples is generally a bad idea for big renovations.

As their name implies, samples only represent a fraction of what the material actually looks like. When you receive a sample of what the material could look like, it will not show any impurities or grains that may exist in real life. We often see this with our subsidiary, Granite Liquidators. 

When people want to buy stones for their home, samples are an easy option but do not show the full slab. Many textural differences and color patterns may vary in real life. It’s good to keep in mind that samples are just a portion of a material and may not look anything like that once installed.

Authentic Materials From The Source

At RMFP, we get our materials straight from the source. No middlemen, no customers picking through it— just authentic wood shipped directly from its origin. Unlike other suppliers and big name brands, we have established relationships with our lumber mills. We know exactly where and who our products are from, and relay this information to the buyer. 

When you purchase materials from big box stores, you’re contributing to a large corporation that has no real ties to their manufacturers or regards for their customers or the customers’ businesses. Shop from a reliable supplier who’s looking out for you and all your needs every step of the way. Shop Rocky Mountain Forest Products.

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