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Ipe wood is a sought-after exotic hardwood known for its natural beauty and impervious durability. Also known as Brazilian Walnut, Ipe is one of the most popular options for decking. Ipe is three times harder than cedar, withstands heavy traffic, endures harsh weather, and resists pests, mold, and rot. This all-encompassing material is one of the best available on the market when it comes to decking. But when it comes to pricing, is Ipe worth it? 

The Ipe Difference

For those going through or contemplating a deck build, Ipe is definitely a top choice to take into consideration. When it comes to finding a decking material that is built to last and looks great for years, there’s no competition to Ipe. 

When compared to other materials like cedar and pine, Ipe is a considerably stronger and more beautiful material all-around. Ipe is known for its rich coloring and iconic wood grain with intricate textures deep within the surface. Compared to other natural wood species, Ipe decking is sure to outlast even the most inclement of weather and scratches. 

Decks can be high-traffic areas to say the least, especially during the summer months. It’s vital that the materials that make up these outdoor spaces are built to stand the test of time. And when it comes to durability and resistance to its surroundings, there’s no match to Ipe.

This material is also incredibly sustainable. For anyone looking to leave a smaller eco-footprint with their deck builds, Ipe may be the best material to get the job done right. It is a completely natural product composed of no preservatives or added chemicals. Treated materials can often lead to toxins in the air and harsh environmental impacts. With Ipe, you can be sure that your materials are both beautiful and good for the environment.

How Expensive Is Ipe Decking?

As many projects do, decking can often come down to cost. Ipe tends to be more expensive than some other decking materials on the market. But when you consider the longevity and low maintenance over the years, it’ll make up for itself. 

When comparing costs between decking materials, it’s important to take into consideration the durability, level of maintenance, natural resistance, and overall appeal. Ipe beats just about every other material in these categories, which is indicative of its listed price.

Of course, lumber prices fluctuate regularly. Ipe may be expensive right now, but wait for a lull in the prices and you may find a deal. Generally speaking, Ipe tends to be pricier than other options. 

Is Ipe Worth It?

After taking everything into consideration, Ipe is well-worth the initial investment. Not only is it one of the most durable and long-lasting materials on the market, it is also one of the most beautiful. Nothing beats the tropical feel and warm comfort of Ipe wood. If you can swing the initial investment, Ipe is worth every penny. 

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