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There’s been an influx of design and builder interest in exotic hardwoods. In part due to their durable and resistant surface, as well as the sheer fact that they are incredibly vibrant and uniquely beautiful. As with many things in life, this beauty comes at a hefty price. When compared to other wood varieties like cedar, exotic woods tend to be over triple the cost per linear foot. So when considering your own renovations, is exotic wood really worth the extra cost? We think so.

Hundreds of species of wood fall under the exotic category. RMFP is happy to offer customers the largest selection of exotic hardwoods in the state of Colorado. You’re able to choose between our variations of Ipe, Tigerwood, Red Balau, Garapa, and Mahogany. Exotic wood is known for its lack of knotty details and incredible natural beauty. The low-maintenance, durable nature of exotic woods allows them to last a lifetime with few to no issues at all. So although the initial costs of an exotic wood deck may seem astronomical compared to a cheaper option, it’ll likely outlive the alternative option a few times over. Investing in materials that will last could save you hundreds twenty years from now. You’re undoubtedly getting the best bang for your buck when you choose to install exotic hardwoods. 


Exotic materials are some of the hardest, most dense wood species on Earth. Many of them require no sealant or upkeep at all to stay looking and performing like new for decades. As with all kinds of wood, sun damage will eventually lead to fading of color. But unlike softwood varieties, exotic hardwoods only require a UV-resistant oil to keep the rich color. Softwoods are not resistant to environmental elements on their own, and thus require a substantial amount of upkeep, sealant, and other protections to help it stay healthy for future use. 


Customers love to utilize their exotic wood for decking, siding, fencing, and other external purposes. Although it can also be used as flooring, its physical properties make it the perfect material for the outdoors. If installed indoors as flooring, exotic hardwoods combat damage from everyday life extremely well. Dents from furniture, scratches from heeled shoes, or even impurities from pets don’t stand a chance against these hardwood surfaces. If you live a chaotic lifestyle and usually don’t have time to touch-up dents on your floors, exotic woods may just be your saving grace. It’s worth spending a bit more money now to save you time and even more money years down the road. 

Exotic woods are often used in outdoor settings due to their incredibly impenetrable surface regardless of the environment. For those of us living in Colorado, the weather can be unpredictable to say the least. Although we see many days of sunshine, our climate is often dry and at higher risk for sun damage due to the high altitudes. Our state also receives a great deal of snow during the colder months, an element that often ruins many wood decks and other outdoor features. Having hardwood for your exterior spaces will save you the headache of damage come springtime, and most definitely stand the test of time in even the driest of climates; something that softwood species struggle with tremendously.

Rarity and Quality

Not only are exotic woods clearly the best variety of species quality-wise for indoor and outdoor settings, but they’re also a rare beauty that’s hard to come by nowadays. In an era of conformity, stand out from the rest with materials straight from South American jungles or from the gorgeous landscapes of Fiji. Exotic hardwoods give your home a rare appeal and highly sought after history that’s unattainable with more common styles of wood. When comparing exotic woods with softwood species, there’s simply no question as to which will last longer, have a higher level of durability, and look stunning in any space. Exotic woods may cost more, but the long term benefits are hard to beat. If you’re looking for a material that is low maintenance, highly durable, and proven to look and perform perfectly for decades, exotic hardwoods are your best option by far. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to which material you’d like to install for the spaces in and around your home. If you have room in the budget to get a higher quality wood upfront, we couldn’t recommend the long-lasting benefits more!