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Interior doors in Denver are a commonly overlooked necessity. Most every room in our homes have them, but not a lot of thought is given to picking them out. We have all been in homes, at one time or another, that have had unsightly doors that quickly diminished the home décor. When the right ones are chosen, they can compliment a room just as much as the other accessories. It is important to pick an interior door that matches the vision of your home.

There are various options available, probably more than you realize. Whether you are designing a new home or remodeling your existing home, your interior doors are an important part of your home’s inner style. It is not only important to understand your options for aesthetic reasons, but for functionality as well.

Here are the most common door types and styles that you can easily find:

Panel Interior Doors in Denver

Most home builders tend to go with a panel door for typical bedroom or bathroom. These doors have square or rectangle patterns that have 6 to 8 panels per door. Panel doors can be very simple with no texture, or very intricate with decorative finishes and edges.

Depending on which room you are installing it for, panel doors can also be customized with glass inserts. These inserts are commonly placed at the top in an arch fashion, but can also be placed in the middle or sides of the door as well. Panel doors are easy to hang in any standard door jamb. They are also the most budget friendly choice.

Bifold Interior Doors in Denver

Bifold doors are interior doors that are composed of two panels that are hinged together in the middle so that they can fold. They are hung from a track and move in a sliding motion. They are most frequently found on closet doors and laundry room.

Bifold doors are a simple and effective way to close off areas in your home that were originally left open. The folding and sliding motion allow them to take up a small space unlike a full swinging door.

Interior Doors in Denver

French Interior Doors in Denver

French doors offer a door option that can add some character and dimension to a room. French doors are two opposing doors that are hung within the same jamb, allowing a double wide space to open up in any wall. They are composed of glass in either a single panel glass layout or a varying numbered panel arrangement.

French doors have two common uses. They are inserted on rooms where a homeowner may want to display the contents like a library, office, music room, and sunroom or to add light or openness to a dark windowless room.

Sliding Interior Doors in Denver

Sliding doors are becoming a new design trend that is replacing the typical interior door. These doors can be made in various sizes making their versatility endless. Because they do not swing or fold, they are a prime choice for small spaces. They are also installed on a track not a jamb, so they can be added to many unique areas of your home.

Recently these doors have been featured in homes with an industrial or urban décor. As of now they are not extremely common, so they are quite the conversation starter among family and friends.

Pocket Interior Doors in Denver

Once a thing of the past, pocket doors are slowly making a comeback. They were originally used in bathrooms when there was no room for a swinging door. Today they are seen in many other passage areas to provide additional privacy and room division.

Because they actually slide into the wall, they are great for small spaces and for rooms that rarely need to be closed.

Decorative Variations for Interior Doors in Denver

Keep in mind that within each of these categories there are a multitude of colors, textures, and customized features available. The selection of your interior doors is important at the initial build of your home all the way to a remodel years down the road. Changing out interior doors if a quick and relatively economical way to change to entire look of your home.