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Over twenty years ago Trex took center stage in the composite decking market. Trex decking is constantly striving to keep their products at the forefront on the industry by continually challenging technology.Throughout this blog, we are going to break down some facts about Trex Decking.

Trex decking is low-maintenance, easy to install, and will last decades. When making the decision to purchase any product it is important to learn everything you can about the company and the product itself.

When it comes to building a deck there are a lot of material choices out there. You may be wondering why choose Trex decking? Here are some interesting facts about Trex decking that make it stand out from other composite decking that you may not know:

What actually is in Trex decking?

You may know that Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials. However, you may not know what those materials are.

  • Grocery Bags
  • Bakery Bags
  • Water Bottle Packaging
  • Dry Cleaning Plastic
  • Newspaper Bags
  • Produce Bags
  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Packaging
  • Cereal Bags

Trex Decking has its own line of outdoor furniture!

The Trex company not only does decking but outdoor furniture too. Each piece of Trex decking furniture is ergonomically designed for utmost comfort.

The Trex decking furniture has all of the same features that the decking does meaning that it is long lasting, durable, and wont rot or splinter.

As we have said over and over Trex decking is constantly striving to stay at the top of its game when it comes to their reputation. Another added benefit of purchasing Trex decking furniture is that Trex plants a tree for every piece of furniture sold! How awesome is that?

Cornhole Anyone?

Everyone is familiar with the timeless backyard game cornhole. Trex decking even has its own branded cornhole game! They are made with Trex decking of course which means that you can leave it outside all year long!

Trex LatticeWorks

Lattice is a timeless addition to backyards as privacy walls, garden walls, and décor under decks. Trex decking offers its own line of lattice which are available in a variety of decorative and durable options. The Trex decking lattice is made from the same material as the decking so it has the same characteristics give it lifelong longevity.

 Trex Outdoor Kitchens

Trex decking has strived to be the “go to” for outdoor living. To compliment their composite decking and furniture lines Trex decking has created its own signature cabinetry and storage units for outdoor kitchens. Completely built in to blend with you Trex deck you will never know that they are there.

Spiral Staircases

Another unique feature that you won’t find with other composite decking lines is the option for a spiral staircase. Space saving and beautiful, these outdoor spiral staircases will bring an elegance to your Trex deck that your neighbors will envy.

If you are interested in using Trex’s extensive line of products but need some more info, give us a call! Our experienced staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your next project.