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Trex is a well-known company that many contractors and suppliers buy from and work with. Trex is a composite decking manufacturer, but they don’t stop with just decking. Trex carries a wide array of products starting with deck framing, railing, deck boards and more!. They also carry fencing & lattice, as well as pairings for outdoor furniture, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens. If you are just beginning to learn about composite decking, read this article! You’ll get all the needed information on Trex Decking.

Their composite decking and fencing are what they are most known for. Some of you may be wondering what is composite decking and what are the benefits of using it? Trex decking’s composite lumber is a material that is usually a mixture of plastic and wood fibers that are bound together with a binding agent. Trex decking  tends to be stronger, and denser than regular wood. Trex decking will also last longer because composite can withhold natural wear and tear, as well as most kinds of weather.

Information on Trex Decking

Trex Decking Colors Are Key

Just like if you were to pick natural wood for your deck, Trex decking offers multiple different lines of decking with a wide array of colors to choose from. When it comes to their decking, there are 4 different options. Trex Transcend consists of earth tones and tropicals with the highest level of rated performance. Trex Select also contains earth tones, with minimal upkeep required. Trex Enhance which are natural wood like composite boards and Trex Enhance with the basics in composite decking at the perfect price.

Now that we have got you educated on the key components to Trex decking, let’s dive into the fun stuff!

Trex Decking is Economical

Since Trex decking is composite material and has a minimal amount of wood fiber in it, it is very eco-friendly. Since the decking is all composite material, several trees are saved each time a deck is built with Trex decking! Not to mention, since it lasts longer than ordinary wood- the need to replace it is at a minimum. When using traditional wood you should plan on having to replace your deck boards every so often, as well as resealing and staining.

Planning With Trex Decking

Trex, as a company, offers many resources to their clients when it comes to planning out and building the perfect deck. Starting with endless content about where to begin when starting your build, the key components, things to watch out for, and the right tips and tricks to educate you about your cities codes and permits. They also consider certain things, such as the size of your space, the amount of sun exposure, the entrances, and exits, as well as the places open for entertainment seating. All of these things are taken into consideration when creating the perfect design for your deck. They offer many deck design plans to choose from, but they will also help customize a deck style to your specifications.

Trex Decking & Lighting

One of the most important things to add when it comes to a deck is the lighting. If you don’t have enough lighting, it can be challenging to entertain once the sun goes down. Thankfully, Trex decking has light incorporated into some of their products, while also offering standalone lighting and fixtures. When designing your deck, there is a Lighting Calculator on their website that allows you to manually enter how many light fixtures you have and it will give you the overall calculations when it comes to the lighting. This resource is extremely beneficial to homeowners.

Estimating The Cost of Trex Decking

When building a deck, there are three factors behind the pricing. Trex decking has a tool that will calculate the labor and materials cost, as well as the size of the deck to provide their clients with a price range that they can budget for. This way, there are no surprises and building a deck turns from a stressful event into an exciting one. This also allows clients to be budget conscious while getting to design the deck of their dreams, by adding on the stylistic features.

Installation and Upkeep of Trex Decking

Once your ideal deck is planned out, budgeted for, and set in stone, Trex themselves or your local Trex decking retailer can connect you with a contractor in your area who will install and ensure that the deck is built strong, durable, and around your design needs and wants. Once your deck is completed, the upkeep is a breeze. Like mentioned before, other than regular cleaning and maintenance- your deck will last for years. No worrying about warped or cracked boards!

You are all set!

Congratulations! Your dream deck is done, and you are ready to start enjoying your new space. We know you will fall in love with your new oasis that is just outside your back door. A deck is typically the first project to be completed when it comes to renovating a backyard space. Once your centerpiece is built, usually the next thing on the renovation list is a fence to give you some privacy and security. Trex has a composite fencing line that will add style to your backyard, while providing you with functionality, safety, and low maintenance. Now that the two most essential parts are complete, you can add on little design pieces that tie your backyard together. Trex outdoor furniture is the perfect way to provide comfort and accessibility in your space. From dining tables, rockers, swings, and benches, you will be ready to enjoy the outdoors. Remember to add your pergola and umbrellas for endless shade. Last but not least, you can’t entertain without a place for food and drinks. Check out their outdoor kitchens for the must-haves for storage and performance.

Trex decking is the perfect way to liven up and renovate your outdoor space, while also keeping costs low, style and functionality in mind, and providing the overall comfort to family and friends. Check them out to start your renovation today! If you are ready to purchase some Trex decking for your next project, get in touch with Rocky Mountain Forest Products! We are a distributor of this fantastic product. Call today to have all your questions answered!