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Are you looking to sell your home? If you are wanting to increase the value of your home, there are many ways you can do so. Increasing the value of your home can be very beneficial, especially for resale. Of course, you can do a lot of these things to give your home a fresh start, even if you aren’t looking to sell your home.

Spend Time with A Designer or Realtor

This step is very important if you are looking to increase the value of your home for resale. Spend time with a realtor first to find out what your home is valued at currently and decide how much you want to increase your home’s value by. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, speak with a designer who can help you with the overall design.

Do A Walk Through

Do a walk through of your home and make a list of all the different things you need to have done on your home internally and cosmetically. Check your structure and make sure you don’t need major work done, while also checking your electric and your HVAC. Once you have done a walkthrough of your home’s internal needs, you can now move on to do a once over of your cosmetics. At this point, you will determine what needs to be done as far as paint, décor, furniture, and more.


Repaint the exterior of your home to enhance your curb appeal, as well as painting the interior to freshen things up. Adding paint to the interior of your home, will instantly enhance your home’s design and look high class. This is a very affordable way to improve your home and give it a fresh look.

Follow Inspiration

Get inspiration from other designers, homes, TV shows, and websites. When you have inspiration, it is much easier to implement a certain design in your home.


To enhance the outdoor look of your home and the curb appeal, invest in some quality landscaping. Landscaping is a very easy way to improve the overall value of your home. Planting trees, adding rocks and mulch, flowers, bushes and beyond will instantly give your home a completed and styled look.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past and should be saved for the movies. This type of texturing will make your home look dated and way past its time. Replace your popcorn ceiling with a smooth surface or modern texturing.


Keep your home clean and tidy. If you have a lot of clutter and dust, it makes your home feel stuffy and unwelcoming. Keep up with daily chores and keep the clutter to a minimum. Over decorating can also give off this vibe because it can overwhelm your visitors and overstimulate their senses.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Remodel your kitchen and the bathrooms in your home. This is a major remodel that many homeowners do, because these are places in your home that you spend endless amounts of time in. These rooms need to be functional and styled a certain way, especially for families. Even just by remodeling certain areas at a time, such as replacing your countertops or painting cabinets you can improve the overall look one project at a time.

Closet Redo

Your closet is one of the most important aspects of a home. If you take your ordinary closet and turn it into a California Closet with built ins, drawers, jewelry hooks, and more- the value and appeal of your home will be way higher than before.

Your home is your space to make it the way you want. Go through room by room and renovate certain areas to enhance your home’s appeal. There are ways to get around renovating with a budget, especially if you are a DIYer. Set a budget and speak to a professional to make sure you are making a decision that won’t come back to hurt you. Of course, these are not the only things that you can do to your home. The options are endless, which means you can constantly redo your home and increase the overall value of your home.