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By making even a few of these changes you can increase home value by several thousands.

Not surprisingly, we all want the best value for our homes. Unless you’re selling a brand new home, there is always something that can be done to increase home value. You might be surprised though, that many of those upgrades are rather easy and inexpensive.

First, think about what attracts you to a home, besides the price. Of course, we all have different criteria, but generally we all want to look at homes that won’t require a lot of renovation once we move in (excluding those who flip houses). We want to see clean walls, nice floors, upgraded appliances- the bells and whistles you could call them. You can increase home value, and give potential home buyers what they’re looking for, without breaking the bank.

There are countless ways to upgrade your interior, and we’ll get to that later, for now, let’s talk about exterior upgrades.

Exterior upgrades to increase home value:

Add a deck

The number one upgrade to a home is adding a deck. The reason is because it can be relatively inexpensive to add a deck, yet it increases your property value by thousands. You get a lot for your money with a deck. With the added benefit of a great place to entertain and enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of home.

If you already have a deck, the next best thing you can do is repair any damage, add a new coat of stain and sealant, and dress up the deck as much as possible. Don’t leave a damaged or unsightly deck for the next homeowner to fix. Chances are, people are far less tempted to purchase your home when they know right off the bat that they will have to pour money into it.

increase home value

Add a pergola

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to any backyard. They provide shade, and protection for your skin, as well as for your deck. They provide you with opportunity to eat comfortably shaded meals outdoors, or even to use your deck year round for those family gatherings. And even a place to start growing lavender, grapes, strawberries, and other fruits and flowers that will add even more beauty to your backyard.

increase home value


Ledgestone, or stone veneer, is something that is currently underrated, but we see it picking up in popularity. There are several reasons for this.

Stone veneer is extremely easy to put in your home as well as on the exterior. It can be done quickly and without much knowledge or skill. The veneers are affordable and add immediate curb appeal. They can also help protect your homes foundation against rain, insects, and inclement weather such as high winds and storms. See more details on stack stone veneer in this article: Why You Should Add Stone Veneer To Your Homes Exterior.

increase home value

Step up your curb appeal

Updating the front of your home, or doing anything to improve the curb appeal will greatly enhance your chances of getting increased home value, and selling your home quickly. People want to like what they’re looking at, and first impressions are everything.

For this, you can do simple things like:

  • Changing the numbers on the front of your home. (Of course, don’t change the numbers themselves, just their appearance. Upgrade the sign, modernize their look, make them fancy or chic, something that goes with, and speaks to the style of the home)
  • Repaint your front door– you’d be surprised at home much a difference a front door color can make to the overall look of the home.
  • Landscaping- even if you just weed the yard or pluck the grass from in between the cracks in the cement sidewalk.
  • Repair damaged siding- and maybe give it a good spray down with the hose if dirt or grime has built up.
  • Update garage door- you can do this with new paint, or even a thin veneer that drastically alters the look.

These changes are easy and affordable for any homeowner.

So what can you do to your home’s interior to increase home value?

Told you we’d get to this. We’ll make it simple. Here’s a list of a few changes, both big and small, that homebuyers are looking for:

  • Crown moldings
  • A fresh coat of paint on the walls
  • New carpet- or hardwood that is clean and undamaged
  • Upgraded kitchens and bath- this could just mean appliances that aren’t old, a fresh coat of pain, maybe granite countertops.
  • Finished basement- this is a bonus for most potential homebuyers.
  • Replace appliances with low energy options- this will save money, and be better for the environment- bonus!

That’s all we have for right now, but stay tuned for more improvements that will add value to your home!

if you’d like to learn more, or speak with a decking or pergola specialist, you can contact Rocky Mountain Forest Products at: 866-534-2108. Or, reach us through our contact page.