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Decks can see a lot of foot traffic and use throughout the years; keep them organized and well-maintained. It’s no secret that storage is at the top of priority lists for homeowners, so why not add storage to your outdoor spaces? When it comes to decking, many homeowners can overlook the importance of extra areas to store their belongings. This can become especially crucial when it comes time to tuck-away items prior to seasonal changes, events, or just to give you an extra peace of mind.

Under Deck Storage

The space beneath decks is some of the most underutilized areas of a yard. Make better use of this space with a much-needed storage area. This can be in the form of store-bought canisters or a custom-made space for extra belongings.

Depending on the amount of available space, many homeowners like to include specifically sized storage boxes for certain items they need hidden. Some other, smaller, spaces may just allow for a shallow box or drawer. This is especially the case for those with decks that are hovering over the ground. Although not too much extra room, there is still space for homeowners to take advantage of. 

Bench And Box Storage

One of the most popular deck storage options is boxed areas on the deck itself. This can come in the form of bins or even hidden storage beneath furniture. This option is practical, as you’re able to store items directly from the deck rather than climbing underneath it.

Most commonly, this variety of storage is custom-built. Especially when it comes to benches, these pieces of furniture will need to fit perfectly. Benches where the seat lifts to reveal storage inside are great for loose items and seasonal décor. Although these types of storage tend to cost a bit more, they are well-worth the investment for performance and design needs for years to come.

Hidden Deck Board Compartment

For those looking for storage that don’t want the unnecessary eye-sore of it all, there are options! One of our customer-favorite options for this variety of storage is hidden compartments beneath deck boards. Although this storage style won’t work with every deck, it’s a great way to take advantage of space.

Whether you just need one compartment for storage or many, this is a great addition to add value to your home. Installation can get confusing for those with existing decks, but worth the hassle if you’re willing. We recommend this style of storage for those who are currently installing a deck and can easily add this to the design.

Built-In Trash Cans

Another quick and easy way to keep your deck organized is adding trash cans. Usually, this comes in the same form that the storage does, custom-built or securely fastened to the side of a deck. This is an easy and affordable addition that will save you stress and cleaning later on. 

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