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Not much compares to the natural character and raw texture that wood can bring to a space. A favorite material among many designs and builders is live edge wood. Live edge wood possesses all the natural beauty and charm of authentic wood, but with the added bonus of its raw edge still intact. People have been incorporating live edge materials inside and outside of their homes for decades. It remains a staple of rustic character and classic charm that has been unmatched for decades.

Dining Table

One of the most common ways that live edge wood is integrated into homes is in the form of tables. Dining tables are amongst the most popular for this kind of design due to their large surface area and ability to create a focal point for any space. Many homeowners also like to make use of live edge wood in the form of coffee tables or smaller nightstands.

Since live edge wood is one-of-a-kind, it makes for an ideal material to construct dining tables out of. Live edge wood is typically very customizable and can even display epoxy resin or light features. It’s the perfect piece to spur conversation and leave guests with a lasting impression of good design taste.

Bar Countertop

Another very common way to implement live edge materials in a home is in the form of a bar countertop. Since many live edge wood pieces are long and lean (the shape of a tree), they make for practical materials to utilize in bar spaces. Install it as a stand-alone countertop or as an elevated addition to a natural stone surface, a live edge wood bar countertop will not disappoint!


For those looking for a more subtle rustic flair in their home, live edge shelving is a unique and trendy way to go. Live edge wood shelving is an affordable and effortless installation that homeowners of all backgrounds can achieve. The beauty of shelving is that it’s so customizable. Install a long shelf mixed with a few smaller ones, or even stack them up high in place of kitchen cabinets. With live edge shelving, there are so many possibilities for design and function.

Bed Headboard

A bed headboard is an awesome place for a statement piece. Many people love to utilize this space as a showpiece for their live edge wood materials. Bedrooms are a great space to let your imagination run free and really let your unique personality shine. Live edge wood headboards are a perfect showpiece to add texture and character to your space.

Sliding Barn Door

For those looking to make a statement with a large live edge wood slab, barn doors are some of the best design elements to get the job done right. Sliding barn doors have been becoming increasingly popular over the last decade because of their charm and functionality of dividing spaces seamlessly. Live edge wood is an ideal material for sliding doors and will add so much interest and beauty to any space.

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