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Renovating your home and focusing on the design of certain spaces can truly enhance the overall look, feel, and value of your home. When a home is more stylish and up to date with design trends, it not only makes you happier and more comfortable, but it makes having people over much more fun and something that you look forward to, rather than dreading get togethers. When it comes to renovating certain areas of your home, some are trickier than others to make changes. For example, thinking up a creative way to revamp your entertainment space, the focal point of your home, can seem daunting. It is where all family gathering, parties, and relaxation occurs which means the design should be thought out to be functional but stylish with durability.

A creative way to revamp your entertainment space, such as your kitchen or bar area is to use an alternative to the traditional look. It would provide a fresh look while grabbing people’s attention. Beetle Kill Pine is a great alternative to use because of its unique look and coloring. Beetle Kill, also known as Blue Stain, is lumber that has been infested by a beetle that leaves a blue-tinted fungus within the wood grain creating this blue stained look. It is the perfect type of wood for anyone who is going for a rustic, restoration hardware look in their home. Check out these examples of ways you can incorporate Beetle Kill Pine into your entertainment spaces.

How to Revamp Your Entertainment Space

Accent Wall using Beetle Kill Pine

Most kitchens, bars, and dining rooms have a spare room or ways you can utilize an accent wall. Add Beetle Kill Pine to the main wall in any room to completely transform the space. This will tie the room together with current décor and give the room a cozy feel. You can also add Beetle Kill accents on the bar wall itself, the hood over your oven in the kitchen, or even use Beetle Kill to build a drink cart to keep drinks accessible.

Countertops using Beetle Kill Pine

Granite countertops look incredible, but they are not for everyone. A neat alternative to any traditional style countertop is Beetle Kill Pine. Now, of course, we would recommend sealing it and ensuring it was properly installed- but if done right, it would be an amazing addition to any entertaining space. Whether it’s all the countertops in your kitchen or just a small accent on the island or a stand-alone bar, it will add a unique look to your kitchen.

Seating using using Beetle Kill Pine

Something that is often forgotten or thought of last when it comes to redoing a space where entertainment occurs, is the seating! Comfort and accessibility are very important to guests when they are visiting. Not to mention, your bar stools and seating are vital to the overall design look. Beetle Kill Pine is perfect to use in place of traditional metal or regular lumber. It is sturdy, durable, and functional while being stylish and adding texture and variety to your space.

Additional Add Ons using Beetle Kill Pine

Now that we have touched on the vital bits and pieces of how you can enhance the look and feel of your entertainment space, let’s talk about some additional add-ons that most people don’t think of. Some of the functional items such as ice chests, serving trays, drink mixers, and something as simple as the proper glasses can make a world of a difference. Guests pay attention to the look and feel of the setting and the lighting, which really sets the overall mood is important. Dim and casual brightness is a perfect goal with cozy and rustic light fixtures. All items that grab a guest’s attention, you know is a keeper.

Your home is the center of entertainment and is where most of your time is spent, even when you aren’t entertaining. Creating an atmosphere that is functional, simple, and thoroughly thought through can take the stress off of you and time off of preparing for event and parties. Implementing these few things can grab the attention of your friends and family and leave you the talking point for every event, and leave your home being the stomping ground for the next gathering.