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Some of the best spaces of a home are the outdoor areas built for year round enjoyment. It’s no secret that a deck can transform the feel of a property. They’re versatile, great for entertaining or relaxing, and add so much value to a home. Decks are a must for many of us, so why not go above and beyond with a 2-story one?

Two-story decks have a long history with states in the south, but have become more popular recently nationwide— for good reason! Two-story decks are a great use of outdoor space to extend a living area. If you’ve got the vertical space for it, we couldn’t recommend a double-decker deck enough.

Two-Story Decks Offer More Value

Giving your deck another story is a great way to make use of unobstructed views from higher up while enjoying easy access to a yard. Ground level decks are great for coming in and out easily, but upper-level decks really give a sense of peace and beauty.

For those of us living in Colorado, it never hurts to have more of a view. Especially when it comes time to sell. Buyers are looking for more outdoor space than ever and want outside enjoyment year round. One of the best ways to offer this to your prospective buyers is by adding a second level to a deck. Not only will the footprint of the home increase, it will allow for unused space to become the best part of a home.

Take Your Outdoor Living To The Next Level

For many of us, the outdoor area of a home is the most important. Giving more rooms inside the house the option to expand into an outdoor area is a great way to enjoy more of the home. Viewing the yard from a top deck is a great vantage point for kids playing or much-needed relaxation time. 

Things To Consider When Building

A common issue we see with 2-story decks is that the top deck can often cast a shadow on the bottom deck. While this can be a good thing to avoid inclement weather, many homeowners want sunshine on all outdoor areas. An easy fix to this is offsetting the decks so that they are not traditionally stacked. This can be done at a diagonal or by extending the lower deck out further to avoid the top decks’ shadow.

It’s also important to consider where you’d like the stairs to be, if any. While some homeowners prefer to restrict access to each deck from the indoors and opt for no stairs, others disagree. For many, the stairs connecting the levels of a deck are useful to go between floors seamlessly. Be sure to consider this prior to construction, as it can be a difference of as much as thousands of dollars.

Best Materials To Get The Job Done

Depending on where you live, different materials are recommended to get the job done right. For Colorado folks, we typically love to work with materials such as cedar, redwood, composite decking, or even exotic hardwoods. Budget is a huge factor to take into consideration when deciding on materials. The most cost effective options will be redwood and cedar, and the most expensive will be exotic woods like ipe or mahogany.

For more information on two-story deck installation in Colorado or to get a quote on materials, contact us here.