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Most homeowners consider building an outdoor living space, but not many pull the trigger when it comes down to the final decision. Largely in part because some homeowners aren’t entirely sure how to create an awesome outdoor living space.

What kind of additions are appropriate for my property? What will fit in the budget? These are some common questions that homeowners ask.

And to help get your creative juices flowing for your next outdoor living space project, we’ll cover a few points on what goes into creating an awesome project!


Outdoor Kitchens

These are awesome upgrades for any property. Inside the home, kitchens are known to be the “heart” as it tends to be where most foot traffic goes, especially during get-togethers and parties.

So if you like hosting parties, with the warm weather we’re starting to see, an outdoor kitchen upgrade will be perfect. To create an optimal outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to utilize natural stone countertops. Materials like Granite or Quartzite will also hold up with ease in an outdoor environment.

outdoor space

With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be able to entertain your friends and families both in the winter and in the summer!


Fire Pits

Fire pits are another great addition to creating an awesome outdoor living space. Building off the last point, creating a good outdoor living space involves a center piece for entertainment or leisure. So by utilizing a fire pit creates another area for you and your friends to relax and enjoy a nice, warm camp fire underneath the night sky.

Fire pit

Hot Tubs and Pools

With summer right around the corner, hot tubs and swimming pools are another good addition for creating an awesome outdoor living space. While they could be considered a bit frivolous with our weather and climate we see in Colorado, if there’s room for it in the budget and space in your back yard then you should absolutely consider adding a pool or hot tub!


Pergolas and Patios

And for our final piece of advice on building an awesome outdoor building space, check out building a pergola. These simple additions create a beautiful aesthetic to any property and with the lumber selections we have available, you can create a unique look that you love. If you’re looking to adhere to a tight budget, Redwood would be ideal. If budget isn’t a concern, then hardwoods like Tigerwood will provide the most elegant and aesthetic look.

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