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When you are doing any sort of renovation, remodel, or repair on your home you want to make sure it is done by a certified and acceptable contractor. You are going to invest all of this money into improving your home and the last thing you want is to work with a contractor that isn’t properly trained, educated, and insured. As a building materials supplier, we work with lots of contractors as clients and hear the good and the bad. We do everything we can when it comes to making sure our clients only get referred to contractors that are reputable and are known for doing good work. Here is a mini-guide on how to know if a contractor is right for you and your project:

#1: Make sure you identify the project. A lot of contractors only specialize in certain areas of building like decking, fencing, and exterior work for example. Before you go any further in finding out information or talking with a contractor, make sure they are able to do the work you need. This is vital because sadly there are some contractors that will say they do the type of work when they don’t, and they end up messing up the job because they want the money. Do your research and make sure they have a history of completing jobs that are similar to yours. Ask them for references or pictures. 

#2: Check their license and their permits. Depending on the city you live in, there may be certain certifications, licenses, or permits that a contractor must have to complete certain jobs. Make sure you check their permits and licensing to make sure they are valid and up to date. 

#3: Do they carry insurance of any kind like liability insurance? This one is important because if they don’t carry liability insurance, for instance, they might not have adequate coverage if something goes wrong. Any business that doesn’t or isn’t willing to invest money into their business running smoothly most likely doesn’t care about the work they do. 

#4: Can you find them on social media, online, and by word of mouth? A good way to know whether or not a company is a good one to work with is their presence. If you see them everywhere and know many people who work with them, they are most likely going to be reliable. If you are researching a company that seems to not exist and no one uses them, we would recommend going with another company. Check reviews, ask friends and family, and ask your supplier! 

#5: Ask them for references. Any company that does good work shouldn’t be scared to give you the information about their last three clients. If they are hesitant, that can be a red flag and you want to look into them and their company’s reputation more. Reach out to the references they give you and make sure they are reliable ones. 

#6: Do they own their own company or are they contracted out? If a contractor is contracted out through a third-party company, they are most likely reliable, certified, and complete good work. This can also be the same for contractors who own their own company depending on their experience and professionalism. You don’t want to judge the book by its cover, but you also don’t want to assume they are the best because it’s in their name.

A good way to know whether or not you’re working with a good contractor is to ask your supplier for a referral. Here at RMFP, we work closely with hundreds of contractors and can give you info for several reliable ones we know you can trust. Just let your specialist know when buying materials and they can guide you in the right direction. As for doing it on your own, just make sure you are doing all the research possible and interview several different contractors before making a final decision. This is your home and your renovation and you want it to be done correctly with no mistakes. Make sure you go with someone you can trust!