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Reclaimed Wood is such a buzz word right now. People are using reclaimed wood to transform various types of spaces and are making beautiful creations. Anything from reclaimed beams, reclaimed wood flooring or reclaimed siding- there are so many options. In this blog, we will discuss all things RECLAIMED. Through our reclaimed wood siding subsidiary, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we carry various brands of reclaimed siding. We will educate you on where we find reclaimed wood siding, explain the difference between faux and true reclaimed wood siding, explain why our reclaimed wood stands out, as well as highlight the various brands that we carry! 

Where Do We Find Reclaimed Wood Siding?

When most people hear the word “reclaimed wood”, they may envision an old barn or ghost town that has been torn down to provide us with this time-worn lumber. While there are still companies removing wood from old ghost towns and buildings to access reclaimed wood, there is more to the story than just that. In the past, there were no restrictions on what could be torn down and what couldn’t. As you can imagine, the amount of 100 year old buildings still standing are a diminishing resource. Companies had to get creative to have a steady supply of reclaimed wood for a society dead set on acquiring this beautiful material for use in their homes and businesses. Today, we are finding companies restoring reclaimed wood from buildings that housed Jim Beam Whiskey and the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Many old horse and wind fences in Kentucky are being repurposed for use in reclaimed siding products. Companies are granted reclamation rights to access this material to ensure that we are not just poaching this invaluable resource. Because of our connections with the brands we carry, we are able to offer a consistent and uniform supply of reclaimed wood siding, shipped anywhere within the United States.

Faux vs True Reclaimed Siding

In order to have a consistent supply of reclaimed wood for a demanding market, the introduction of faux reclaimed wood siding has made quite an impact on the scene. Faux reclaimed siding is new siding material that has been milled and altered to have recreate the look of time-worn, reclaimed lumber. It is generally cheaper than true reclaimed siding and has a more steady supply. You will still find unique features and color variations, but if you’re truly looking for a real reclaimed wood product for your home, then true reclaimed siding may be the best choice for you. As you can tell from the name, true reclaimed siding is actually reclaimed wood with a history. This wood has been taken from distilleries, tobacco factories, wind & horse fence and barns or other structures. It has been legally acquired by companies with reclamation rights, cleaned up, denailed and milled into a uniform siding profile. Both options are fully finished and ready to install. Usually working with reclaimed lumber requires cleaning up material to make it a usable product. That is not the case with reclaimed wood siding from Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we’ve taken all the hard work out. That’s not the only reason to purchase reclaimed wood siding from Rocky Mountain Reclaimed:

The Top Five Reasons Our Reclaimed Wood Stands Out from the Rest

  • Nationwide Delivery: Many reclaimed wood suppliers are only local to the communities they serve. While this is helpful for finding a diamond in the rough for a DIY project, it doesn’t allow for an easy nationwide shipping option like the one offered through Rocky Mountain Reclaimed. We have unlimited access from 1 to 100 boxes of any of the reclaimed siding that we offer. This allows us to service contractors and homeowners with larger projects they are trying to fulfill. If you need a sample of any specific we carry, stop by our store in Denver or Colorado Springs or we can have it mailed to you. We ship anywhere within the lower 48 states!
  • Long Lasting Staining and Treatment: All of our products are sold 100% finished, which means no staining is required unless you so choose to stain the product. This saves you time and money, because most siding requires prep or finish work. 
  • Mill to Order: We have a wide variety of finishes and profiles available that come directly from the mill. If you have a specific request, we will do our best to work with the mill to meet your expectations. 
  • Simple Install: Our reclaimed wood has been cleaned up by the mill to allow for instant installation. We’ve removed the nails, cleaned it up and finished it so no prep work is necessary. The percentage of waste with our relciamed wood siding is less than 10%, which is a great percentage if you’ve been around siding before. Due to its age, reclaimed wood has a high chance for cracking, warping, and splitting in the boards, which can increase the waste. With our process, we eliminate this problem all together.
  • Saving Money: We offer upfront and transparent pricing, which allows you to know exactly what to expect when planning your next reclaimed siding project. Give us a call or check out our website to learn more about the pricing for each type of reclaimed wood siding that we carry.

Keep reading How to Choose Reclaimed Wood Siding Part Two to learn more about the different brands of reclaimed wood siding that we carry through our subsidiary, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed. Part Two includes products from Sustainable Lumber Company, Old World Timber, and RePlank. You can also find info about Thermory, Montana Ghostwood, Forever Barnwood, and Coeur D’ Alene in Part Three of How to Choose Reclaimed Wood Siding. Reclaimed wood siding is such a beautiful product, full of history. We are glad that we are able to bring these excellent brands to the reclaimed siding market. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our sales professionals if you have specific questions about reclaimed siding!