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Video Guide: How To Build a Pergola

Want to build a pergola of your own?

Yes! But aren’t they hard to install?

They can be easy to install, especially with Rocky Mountain Forest Products pre-building kits, and only require accurate measurements, the necessary tools and some elbow grease. Pergolas are also very versatile, as they can be installed on top of decks, outdoor kitchens, or just as a stand-alone feature. No matter how you want to apply a pergola to your property, use this guide as a resource to your building process.

This video is a great, visual resource for your project and Rocky Mountain Forest Products wants to make your project as easy as possible! With helpful building tips, this step-by-step tutorial will have you building a pergola of your own in no time. So take a look at the quick video, but for your convenience we’ve summarized the main points below:

To Start:

  • Always be sure that your project fits within your city’s regulations, prior to the building process. There’s nothing worse than having to backtrack on your progress if your project doesn’t adhere to city standards.
  • Some environments can be more corrosive to your materials, so be sure to compensate properly.

Building Process:

  • Mark where your post holes will go. In the video he uses spray paint; a very effective method.
  • Building profiles: these are essential to building a level structure. Place your profiles about 1.5 to 2 feet away from the corner marks and make sure they’re level!
  • Use string lines to accurately shape your structure.
  • Always contact your local utility companies to make sure you don’t dig into anything you’re not supposed to! Then you can start digging your post holes.
  • Upon pouring in concrete to the post hole, use a stick to make sure there aren’t any air pockets.
  • Mark your heights and rebates on your posts, then cut the excess wood (including rebate section).
  • Cut and shape your bearers to their appropriate lengths.
  • When cutting your rafters, be sure that they are longer than your entire pergola’s width.
  • Place the bearers in the rebates and nail everything into place!

Depending on your building experience, completing a pergola project of your own can be done in just one weekend. Building your own pergola can be fun and fulfilling, so utilize this as a resource as well as our easy to download and FREE brochures and eBooks. You can always contact any of our specialists who will be more than happy to help.

So come down to Rocky Mountain Forest Products today and get either all the necessary materials individually, or check out our pre-building pergola kits!