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In the world of running a contracting business you will most assuredly make a costly mistake at one time or another. You are human after all so don’t fret! There are some sure-fire ways to “make it right” with your customer and restore your reputation.

Being self employed means that your customer base and their referrals are the “be all end all” of your existence. When businesses, especially small ones, make the mistake of thinking that no one will find out the harm is irreversible. In this day and age of technology word can spread thousands of miles in just a few seconds. No matter the blunder these tips will help you recover from the damage!

Make It Right by Owning Your Mistake

As soon as disaster strikes offer a heartfelt apology to your customer. Often times just acknowledging the problem can de-escalate the situation. Although this works, make sure that you find the right balance. Do not be overly apologetic or it decreases the meaning. Also, DO NOT get defensive. Even if your customer continues to vent and point out flaws keep reassuring that you hear them but do not fire back.

Make It Right by Minding Your Words

After a detrimental mistake it is important to make a public statement particularly to social media followers. However, the words you choose are paramount to the outcome. The right words will prevent a steamy aftermath.

Don’t Forget – If you have clientele or social media followers that speak other languages take the translation of your words into consideration when delivering your statement.

Make It Right: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You can talk until you are blue in the face but if you do not “make it right” then words mean nothing. Taking action to remedy the situation illustrates your true intention.

Even if this means that you eat the cost …do so! The benefit will reward you ten-fold in the end.

Make It Right by Putting Strategies In Place For Long Lasting Change

Once your apologies have been made and the mistake fixed take the time to analyze why it happened in the first place. Once you have made an error the ramifications will come back twice as hard if you do it again! Find a long-term solution and put guidelines in place for prevention of the slip-up in the future.

Make It Right, and Learn From Your Mistakes

Although mistakes can be stressful embrace them and learn from them. Believe it or not they can be a blessing in disguise by preventing you from making an even more catastrophic outcome from a similar mishap.

Another underlying benefit of a mistake is that at first your reputation may be on the line, but if you handle the situation professionally and gracefully you may actually boost your recognition in the end. These stellar actions spread by word of mouth just as quickly!

Businesses large or small are no more perfect than humans and will therefore have their dreadful moment in the spotlight. However, history shows time and time again that it is not the mistake that make history but the actions after it that do. So, from us here at RMFP, next time you have to face the music simply accept blame – say your sorry – and MAKE IT RIGHT!