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Hot tubs have long been a luxury item that are coveted by people of all ages from all walks of life. One of the most common predicaments that people encounter when getting a hot tub is where to put it and how to make it private. Hot tub enclosures have far surpassed the lattice wall. Homeowners have taken to building some very elaborate “hot tub house designs”! Yes! Houses! By enclosing your hot tub in a house like structure, you are not only creating a relaxing and peaceful ambiance, you are protecting your hot tub, and guaranteeing privacy from nosey neighbors or passers-by.  

Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, or minimalistic home exterior, building a hot tub house with cedar shake shingle siding is a beautiful way to bring elegance to your hot tub experience.

Not only is cedar shake shingle siding visually appealing and easy to maintain, it is also temperature sensitive. This means that you will get some additional comfort when enjoying your hot tub in the Summer and the Winter. Cedar shake shingle siding will help cool your hot tub house in the scorching temperatures of the Summer and will bring extra warmth in the most frigid temperatures of the Winter. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of your hot tub year-round!

Should You Use Cedar Shake Shingles for Your Hot Tub House Design?

Here are some other benefits of cedar shake shingle siding:

  • Cedar shake shingle siding can be left to weather naturally. Eventually cedar shake shingle siding will weather but with beauty. After exposure to the elements, cedar turns grey but still looks distinguished.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding can be stained to keep it looking new or to freshen it up after the weathering process has begun.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding is very low maintenance and will not need to be replaced unless circumstances that are out of the ordinary occur.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding is insect resistant, mold resistant, and will not warp, crack, or split.
  • If mold or algae do begin to grow in your cedar shake shingle siding you can easily clean it with simple solutions and brushes.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding smells amazing and will carry into the interior of your hot tub house giving you the feeling of being in a forest.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding is very economical. It ranges from $7.00 to $14.00 per square foot.
  • You have the option to get a rustic or uniform look depending on the installation procedure that you use.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding is very easy to work with because it is lightweight and has a consistent grain pattern.
  • Cedar shake shingle siding for your hot tub house can be a nice compliment to a cedar shake roof if you already have one.

Purchasing a hot tub is a pricey investment so ensuring that it is protected from the elements is essential. Furthermore, if you are not comfortable in your hot tub you will not likely use it to its fullest potential. Creating a private getaway away from the elements is the gift that keeps of giving. Building a hot tub house using cedar shake shingle siding will enhance your landscape and compliment the exterior of your home!

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we are proud to sell products from Cedar Valley. If you’re looking to use Cedar Shake Shingle siding on your next project (whether it be for a hot tub house, your home, or anything else!), check out or product pages to see what we can offer you!