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Reclaimed wood is used to attract attention from all types of people through its rustic and rugged design worthy appearance. Reclaimed wood is a very versatile material to use to accent any design or style in your home. Reclaimed wood is also a very budget friendly way to take your house from zero to one hundred on the design scale real fast. Here are some home design ideas on how you can use reclaimed wood to enhance the overall look of an already existing and popular trend.


The Italian and Tuscan design is very popular with designers especially in high class homes. The best way to describe the style of this trend is an Italian villa. Imagine a villa in Italy- what do you think of? Rock paths and walls, Victorian accents, gold décor, and dark rich colored wood. Reclaimed wood is the perfect way to accent a Tuscan design by using reclaimed wood in your décor through furniture, wood signs, wood accents, wall cladding, or you can get creative and use it as a material to build a wine rack or small wine cellar. A very easy way to give your home a Tuscan look and feel is by installing reclaimed wood beams on your high ceilings.


This is one of the most popular design trends as of right now, in our opinion. This is very popular with any homeowner and the design as a whole is very versatile in the sense that you can make it as farmhouse or as rustic as you want, the spectrum is very broad. This trend will give your home a very cozy, warm, and homey feel which who doesn’t want this in their home? You can implement this design in any room of your home from kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining rooms. Let’s talk about the different ways you can use reclaimed in these rooms to create a farmhouse look.

Living Room and Dining Room

In both, you can accent your farmhouse style with reclaimed wall cladding or reclaimed wood flooring. These are two major ways you can take a room from simple and bare to magazine level design.


In your bedrooms you can also use reclaimed wood as wall cladding or as flooring, but you can also use it as material to build furniture such as nightstands, a headboard, or a bed frame. There are thousands of ways you can use reclaimed wood in your bedroom.


When it comes to the kitchen there isn’t much you can do with reclaimed wood other than accents of backsplash, flooring and small décor items here and there. You could use reclaimed wood to make a wine rack or as shelving for all your expensive dishes.

Beach House Cottage

The final design trend that you can use reclaimed wood as a great accent is a nautical beach cottage look. The great thing about reclaimed is that you can paint it, so if you don’t want the dark natural rustic look you can paint it white or grey and it would be perfect for a beach house look. Wood is a big part of a nautical look because of ship decks, so you can use reclaimed wood and paint it to mimic this look. In addition the wood, add accents of rope, fishing net, lighthouses, and seashells to give your design and more beach like feel. If you don’t want to use it as just a décor options, you can use it for any type of furniture just like with the other design trends, but finish with a lighter paint or stain to blend it better.

Reclaimed wood is an ideal building material because of how many ways you can use it. The options are endless which makes it such a fun material to use. Every designer is finding different ways they can implement reclaimed wood into every style of home. Because of its affordability, variety, versatility, and aesthetics, it is a very popular material and we don’t see if becoming any less than that anytime soon. With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can add reclaimed wood to your home in a multitude of ways. Have fun!