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We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Higher Grounds Fencing, Ed Wrany. Higher Grounds Fencing is a fence installation company that is based out of Colorado Springs and works with our Fountain location for their fencing supplies. We have not only had the pleasure of speaking with him for this interview to learn more about his company and how he got started, but we also get to say we work with him often on a day to day basis. Let’s get started!

RMFP: Thanks for chatting with us today, Ed. Can you tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started?

Ed: Sure, so we actually started out as a landscaping and irrigation business. I did irrigation for 11 years before selling that part of the business last year and focusing on fencing. Fencing was our biggest stream of revenue and we made the decision to focus on that.

RMFP: Thats awesome, so what year did you start the landscaping and irrigation? 

Ed: We started in 2006, about 13 years ago!

RMFP: Perfect. What kind of services do you offer and do you just service the Colorado Springs area? 

Ed: We are strictly fence installation and repair. We service Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, mainly doing a lot of new builds. 

RMFP: That’s awesome, perfect for all of our clients in Colorado Springs! So what is your typical turnaround time for a project? 

Ed: Of course this normally depends on the project and what it entails, but our normal turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. 

RMFP: Nice- what do you like most about working in the industry? 

Ed: I love what I do because I have made many friends and built relationships with a lot of people that, had I not worked in the industry, I would have never met. We also run a Facebook Page called 719 Contractors which acts as a great resource for homeowners who are looking for contractors in the Colorado Springs area. We are very diligent with who we let in our group to ensure out homeowners get the best quality work possible. 

RMFP: Oh wow, that’s awesome! We will have to check that out for sure. That’s an awesome resource for homeowners. 

Ed: Yes, we take pride in that page and making sure only the contractors with the right intentions are accepted. 

RMFP: Yes, for sure! So Ed, what is something that makes your business stand out? 

Ed: Well I think our customer service. You hear stories all the time of contractors not returning calls, being rude, and showing up to job sites late. We make sure to be prompt and helpful, which I think a lot of businesses lack. 

RMFP: Absolutely. Customer service is one of the biggest things people pay attention to. 

That’s great that you guys care so much. How many employees do you have working at Higher Grounds?

Ed: I have 6 including a fence manager who manages all my guys. I take care of all the administration, paperwork and business aspects of the company.

RMFP: Nice, tell us what is one goal you have for your business?

Ed: Definitely to keep our customers happy with pricing, service, and products.

 RMFP: The three most important things! So outside of work, what do you enjoy?

Ed: Actually my fencing manager and I have a band called Bodycast, so we are always writing new music and recording. I also love being outdoors! 

RMFP: Oh how cool. We will have to check your band out for sure- sounds awesome! 

Ed: Yeah we have been around a while and since our kids are older, we are getting back into it

RMFP: Awesome, so last question- what is a little known thing about the industry you like?

Ed: Probably that you can always come out on top with many opportunities with the right knowledge in the industry and marketing.

RMFP: That’s great advice for anyone struggling, there is always hope. So Ed, I think that is all we have for you! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. If anyone wants to find you on social media, what platforms are you on?

Ed: Yeah, no problem. We are on Facebook and Instagram

RMFP: Perfect we will share some of your projects and send people your way. Thanks again for your time and have a great rest of your day!